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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Academic programs

Degree requirements

The BFA degree normally requires completion of a minimum of 90 credits (108 or 120 credits, depending upon your academic background. The course FFAR 250—The Visual and Performing Arts in Canada is a degree requirement for all programs within the Faculty of Fine Arts.  

To graduate in a BFA degree, you must have completed one of the following concentrations: A Specialization or Major.

  • Specialization : a sequence of courses within the required minimum number of credits which consists of a minimum of 66 credits in a discipline or field. It provides a comprehensive education in that field.
  • Major: a sequence of courses totalling 48 or more credits. It provides a solid grounding within a particular field with a moderate degree of specialization and allows for the greatest exploration outside of the chosen program.
  • Minor: a sequence of courses totalling 24 or more credits that provides a basic introduction to the key concepts of a discipline. You are not required to take a minor. Completion of one or more minors does not meet the requirements for a degree. If you choose to add a minor to your major, you may need to complete more than the 90-credit (or 108-credit or 120-credit) minimum to obtain a BFA. 

In order to graduate in the BFA degree, you must satisfy the Fine Arts General Education Requirement by successfully completing a minimum of six credits from course offerings outside the Fine Arts academic sectors (Visual Arts and Performing Arts).

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers both six-credit (two terms) and three-credit (one term) courses. The normal course load for students enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts is 30 credits per year for all full-time students, and a maximum of 18 credits per year for part-time students.

Extended Credit Program (ECP)

The Extended Credit Program is normally offered to students who have not followed the pre-university education system in Quebec. Students admitted to an Extended Credit Program in Fine Arts are required to complete an additional 30 credits for the degree. Advanced standing credits awarded for Ontario Academic Courses (OACs) must be applied towards the ECP portion of a student's degree program.


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