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We approach design and computation arts in diverse, experimental, and collaborative ways. Our faculty and students participate in a studio-based learning environment, connecting with globally active researchers and creators in a multitude of fields. As a result, our students are imaginative, critically adept, and highly skilled practitioners.

Design and Computation Arts Portfolio Day

Friday, February 9th 2024  (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Microprogram in Web Design and User Interface
Microprogramme de conception de sites Web et d’interfaces utilisateur

This program is open for applications.
Ce microprogramme est ouvert aux demandes d’admission.

Unlearning Design by Le Lin, Masheyla Anderson, Mariah Andrews, Dominique Montesano and Brian Pham
Smoker’s Delight by Shahneli Mejika

Smoker’s Delight by Shahneli Mejika


Our students are constantly making, exploring new ideas and sharpening the technical skills they need to bring concepts to life. Discover examples of student work from classes and year-end shows.

Design projectsComputation Arts projects

Bwo2 by Laura Toma


Learn about the talented graduates of our program and where they are now.

Read their stories



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