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Commitment to diversity and safer spaces

The Department of Design and Computation Arts is committed to fostering an equitable and positive experience for all students, faculty, and staff, free from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, economic status, ability, religious observance, religion, age and other forms of intersectional identity. We value diversity and difference, and strive together to create safer spaces in our shared environment, where everyone can fully engage in scholarly and artistic pursuits knowing that harmful behaviour (e.g., harassment, microaggressions, intolerance, disrespectful language) is unacceptable. We believe that celebrating difference is fundamental to supporting an academic community in which innovation, creative exploration, and intellectual freedom can flourish.

– Department of Design and Computation Arts

For further information regarding Concordia University’s Commitment to provide a safe, civil, and inclusive working and learning environment for all community members, visit the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

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