Our prizes

Our 2022 winners

Undergraduate winners

Inclusivity Prize (soon to be) The Rhona Richman Kenneally Prize
Femme by Sarah Hontoy-Major (CART)
Plenitude of Solitude by Kelly Patilla (DART)

Socio-cultural Environmental Collaboration Award 
Design and Disappear by Patrizio Mclelland, Claire Lecker, Elisabeth Bureau, Tatiana Titov 

Rebl House Prize, Excellence in Visual Communication
Seanty Abraham

Unexpected Design Award
Felix Beaudry

Flux Award
Kelly Patilla

Special Mention
Maurane Dubois

Lydia Sharman Award
Maya Jain Schlaepfer

Convocation Award
Laura Toma (Design) and Tiffany Chenn (Computation Art)

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