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Irish Studies (BA, Cert)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA), Certificate (Cert)
Program type
Major, Minor
Primary campus
Sir George Williams (SGW)
3 to 4 years
Start term
Fall, Winter

Why choose Irish Studies?

Delving into the Irish experience will anchor and expand your understanding of the issues facing our planet today. The people of Ireland have a history that includes colonisation, famine, diaspora, civil war, partition, and the Troubles. Looking at what happened in Ireland can become the key to comprehending what’s at stake now as events like refugee crises, mass immigration and resettlement play out around the world.

Irish contributions to literature, music and dance have had a global reach, with an incredibly rich and unique history of their own.

Pursuing a degree in Irish Studies is the perfect way to weave your own tapestry of an educational experience, choosing from courses in political science, history, design, music, language, literature, theology, geography, and more.

Students who enroll in the programs of the School of Irish Studies benefit from small class sizes, the possibility of significant funding (Scholarships and Tuition Remission Awards, if you meet certain criteria), and the chance for funded travel to Ireland. The Irish Studies program is the only one of its kind in North America, allowing you to learn about Ireland and the experience of the Irish around the world.

Program highlights

  • Study Ireland but explore international issues beyond Irish matters
  • Receive generous funding while at Concordia and for study in Ireland
  • Join a small, welcoming department and experience cultural and community events.

Program structure

A Bachelor of Arts degree takes a minimum of three or four years (90 – 120 credits) of full-time study, depending on your academic background.

Program options

  • Certificate in Irish Studies (30 credits)
  • Major in Irish Studies (42 credits)
  • Minor in Irish Studies (24 credits)

How to combine this degree
Whether you want to do a major or a minor in Irish Studies, or combine it with one or two other fields of study, we offer many possible options to suit your interests and needs.


United States students: A U.S. Federal Student Aid-eligible version of this program is offered. This version meets all U.S. regulations (such as no co-operative education or e-courses) for eligible programs.

Admission criteria

Minimum cut-off averages and course requirements

Minimum cut-off averages should be used as indicators. The cut-off data may change depending on the applicant pool. Applicants who meet the stated minimum requirements are not guaranteed admission to these programs.

Application deadlines

Fall term


March 1 is the deadline to apply for fall term entry. International students are encouraged to apply by February 1 to allow sufficient time for CAQ and study permit application processing.

Winter term


November 1 is the deadline to apply for winter term entry. International students are encouraged to apply by September 1 to allow sufficient time for CAQ and study permit application processing.

Not all programs are available for winter term entry. Please check program availability for the term, before you start your application.

We reserve the right to close admission to a program at any time after the official deadline without prior notice.

After your degree

Our program will open up career paths in the arts, law, education, politics, civil service, humanitarian work and business in areas including:

  • Communications
  • Cultural productions
  • Human resources
  • Public relations

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