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Reading Week shuttle bus schedule

Feb. 26 – March 1, 2024

Campus bus stops

Loyola Campus

SGW Campus

Shuttle regulations

The shuttle bus offers Concordia students and employees a free ride between the SGW and Loyola Campuses.

  • Shuttle buses run Monday through Friday. 
  • The ride is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Your ID card is required. Present your Concordia student, faculty, staff or alumni card to the driver.
  • Respect the priority boarding seating area.
  • Buses depart as soon as they reach capacity, even if earlier than scheduled.
  • Departure and travel times can vary due to unexpected circumstances, like traffic and/or weather.

Priority boarding–reduce barriers on campus

  • Buses are wheelchair accessible, except for replacement buses.
  • Be aware of priority seating on the shuttle bus. Don’t use priority seats unless you need one or the spaces remain empty after departure.
  • Understand that some people need priority boarding on the shuttle. They may have a disability that you can’t see. And they don’t need to disclose anything to you or anyone else! 
  • Don’t judge based on appearance. Some disabilities are invisible.

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