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See what awaits your student at Concordia, the top university in Canada under 50 years old.

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Starting university is a milestone that marks growing engagement with the wider world — and greater independence. Bolstered by strong services for new students, our undergrads typically feel more than ready to dive into the first-year experience. They quickly grow comfortable driving interactions with professors and staff, flagging any challenges that may arise and taking a pivotal role in finding solutions.

We recognize families play a critical support role in a big life transition and we know how invested you are in your student's success. Use this page to keep up with what's coming their way in the months to come.

A note: expect communication from Concordia to remain between the university and your student. By law, we cannot disclose their information to you.

Welcome Guide for New Concordians

Essential information and resources for starting university

Frequently asked questions

Quebec residents pay a lower tuition rate at Quebec universities than other Canadian or international students. Keep in mind that moving to Quebec to attend university does not in and of itself give you Quebec resident status. You are deemed to have Quebec resident status only if you meet one of 14 residency situations.

To pay Quebec resident tuition rates, first you must apply for Quebec resident tuition status.

The university consider tuition "due" at the start of term — but the deadline to make a payment is not until the end of the first month of term. 

Keep in mind that the amount due will fluctuate when your student adds or drops a class, which they may do without financial consequence until the DNE deadline. 

If your student drops a course after the DNE deadline, they remain resposiible for paying tuition and other fees associated with the class.

Your student can request proof of enrolment, also known as a letter of attestation, via the Birks Student Service Centre. It's also the place to go if your student needs Concordia to complete a form on their behalf.

Keep in mind that any request must come from your student, not from you, since by law we cannot disclose their information to you.

Please do keep in mind that by law, we cannot disclose your student's information to you. Expect communication from Concordia to remain between the university and them. 

Campus tours

You and your prospective student can book a guided tour through the Welcome Centre any time. Siblings and friends are welcome too!

Open House

The university throws open its door to prospective students twice a year for Open House ⁠— and parents are invited too!

Fall Open House happens in October. Winter Open House is in February.

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