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Prepare your student for a transformative experience at Concordia University, where academic excellence meets a vibrant and inclusive community.

Living in Montreal

Get essential information, resources, and support to ensure a smooth transition and successful educational journey for your student in Montreal.

Hassle-free housing tips, campus living benefits and renting advice — we've got you covered.

Discover key resources for setting up practical necessities on your Concordia University journey.

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Services & resources

Discover a wealth of essential services and resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students.

From tutoring and study resources to academic advising, we provide the tools and guidance to help your student excel.

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From tuition payment options to financial aid, we are here to provide guidance and support throughout your student's financial journey.

The Quebec government plans to increase tuition for some students starting fall 2024.

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We offer mental health and wellness support services, including counseling, workshops, a health clinic and mindfulness programs.

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Our dedicated accessibility services offer accommodations, assistive technologies, and support networks to empower every student to thrive and succeed in an inclusive environment.

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Ensuring your student's safety is our top priority. With comprehensive campus safety measures, mandatory training and 24/7 security support, we are committed to providing a secure environment.

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We empower students with personalized guidance, industry connections and support for thriving careers and lasting success beyond graduation.

The university champions diversity and and works to embed equity in all facets of university life.

Concordia is also home to spaces for specific groups of students.

Important dates

Stay informed and plan ahead by reviewing Concordia University's key academic dates.


Celebrate the culmination of hard work and dedication of your student at their convocation ceremonies.

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Student stories

Discover the extraordinary journeys of our current students and alumni through inspiring profiles.

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Getting involved at Concordia

Your generosity fuels groundbreaking discoveries and empowers progress. Join us in making an impact.

Areas for support

Support Concordian initiatives

Giving to Concordia

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