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Tuition & enrolment tax receipt

Tuition & Enrolment tax receipts are issued at the end of February for the previous taxation year and are available to students in their CU Account.

Concordia University can only provide Canadian federal (T2202A) and provincial (RL-8) tax receipts.

  • Tax receipts will only be issued for eligible amounts that have been paid. 
  • If you have an outstanding balance from the taxation year, your receipt will not include the unpaid amount.
  • Once you have paid your outstanding balance, if the amount affects your tax receipt, the information will be recalculated bi–weekly.
  • If you are filing taxes in the US, you can use the information on the T2202A, along with Concordia’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) 98-1422233.

Access your tuition tax receipt

You can access your tuition tax receipts for the 2022 taxation year online starting February 28. You can also access your tuition tax receipts by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account.


For the current tax year (2022), from the end of February until May 31 the tax information is recalculated twice-monthly to ensure an up-to-date record of eligible tax receipt amounts. From June to January the tax information is recalculated once per month.

Tuition tax receipt information for the previous tax year (2021) will be updated every term.

You may request updates to previous tax years via

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