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Tuition rates

Estimate your tuition and expenses or review your tuition costs by program.

Tuition & fee estimator

Your Concordia education costs will depend on the program you’ve chosen, among other key factors. Estimate these costs based on the most common situations.

Specialized MBA programs

You can find tuition and fees for specialized types of Master's of Business Administration on their respective program pages:


You can calculate tuition and fees for microprograms (9-12 credits) by reviewing the current tuition cost per credit and university fees.


Not pursuing an undergraduate degree but want to take courses? Undergraduate costs per course credit Independent Studies website


Not pursuing a graduate degree but want to take courses? Graduate costs per course credit Independent Studies website

Extension fees will apply for additional terms. View fee schedule details

Tuition rates by program


View undergraduate tuition rates


View graduate tuition rates

Studying in Quebec & resident status

Review factors related to studying in Quebec that may affect your tuition. 

Quebec resident tuition status

Review or apply for the Quebec resident tuition status

Permanent code requirements

Learn how to find or apply for a permanent code

French study fee exemptions

Review fee reductions

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