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Review withdrawal and refund eligibility and deadlines.

Refunds cannot be granted for any course(s) for which you have or will receive a grade, including grade notations, e.g. discontinued (DISC). 

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Withdrawal from a course or program

A refund of fees paid or a financial credit on an account can only be granted upon request to you for amounts not currently due to the University.

Once fees are due, you must have officially withdrawn from that course(s) before the Did-not-enter (DNE) withdrawal deadline to be eligible for a refund on fees paid for a course(s). If a refund is granted before fees are due, you must still ensure that you are properly withdrawn from their courses. The following does not constitute an official withdrawal from the course or program of study:

  • Not attending classes
  • Not paying tuition
  • Informing the instructor of one’s intent to withdraw

Suppose you have not yet made payment and withdraw after the DNE deadline. In that case, you will be held financially responsible for paying the resulting fees.

Tuition and all compulsory fees charged for previous academic terms are non-refundable.

Withdrawal from a Co-op program

No refund will be granted for any course(s) for which you have or will receive a grade, including grade notations, e.g. discontinued (DISC). Once you have registered for a course, you are responsible for the payment of all resulting fees.

Refunds by wire transfer for international students

You can submit a refund by wire transfer online through:

  1. My Student Centre
  2. Finances
  3. other financial
  4. (drop-down menu)
  5. Refund Request. 
  • A wire transfer refund is typically processed within ten business days. 
  • You will assume the wire transfer cost; it will be deducted from the amount of the refund. 
  • Requests for wire transfers to a Canadian or U.S. bank will not be processed. Canadian and U.S. students must submit a cheque Refund Request.

Withdrawal deadlines

Deadline to withdraw from a course with refund (DNE)

Course grade notation: DNE (Did Not Enter)

Fall (/2) courses September 18, 2023
Fall/Winter (/3) courses September 18, 2023
Winter (/4) courses January 29, 2024

Academic course withdrawal deadline without refund (DISC)

Course grade notation: DISC (Discontinued)

Fall (/2) courses December 5, 2023
Fall/Winter (/3) courses April 17, 2024
Winter (/4) courses April 17, 2024

Tuition fees for DISC on or after March 1, 2020 are 50% reimbursable and will be refunded before the end of the Winter term at a later date.

Requesting a refund

About refunds

  • You may choose to leave a credit on your student account to apply for fees due in the next semester(s).
  • All refunds under $10 are refunded via Interac (debit card) at the Birks Student Service Centre, S-LB-185. 
  • All refunds of $75 and more are refunded via the original payment method (debit, credit card or cheque).

How to submit a refund request

You can submit a refund request online through the Student Hub by doing the following:

  1. My CU account
  2. My Student Centre
  3. Finances
  4. other financial… (drop down menu)
  5. Refund Request. 

When requesting a refund on the Student Information System, "Cheque" is set as a default option. If you request a cheque refund, it will automatically be made payable to you unless you request that the cheque be made payable to a third party (e.g. a parent, spouse). In that case, the student must provide the third-party payee's name and mailing address.

  • When the refund pertains to the current academic term, the refund will only be processed after the deadline for withdrawal with a full refund (DNE deadline). 
  • A cheque refund is normally mailed within ten business days of the deadline for withdrawal with full refund (DNE) deadline and the student's online request.
  • Processing a refund may sometimes take longer than ten business days, especially during peak refund request periods. 

Retroactive withdrawal with a refund

Student Request Committees consider students' requests for exceptions to the rules governing the retroactive or late withdrawal (DNE) from a course(s).

  • You may apply for a full or partial refund of tuition fees for a discontinued (DISC) course in exceptional cases. 
  • Information and application forms are available on the Course withdrawals page
  • Students should read the information and application request forms carefully before submitting them. 
  • Requests that do not meet the SRC criteria and demands submitted without the proper support will automatically be denied.

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