Quebec loans & bursaries

You can review the Aide financière aux études website where you will find the latest financial aid information for Québec residents.

Eligibility requirements

Full-time status

The Quebec's Aide financière aux études defines a student's full-time-status by the number of credits for which they are registered and billed by Concordia at the close of the tuition refund period. This is done as follow:

  • Registration for the Summer session: 12 credits
  • Registration for Fall session only: 12 credits or more
  • Registration for Winter session only: 12 credits or more

Program codes

Program codes are categorized by Faculties. If you are unsure which Faculty your program falls under or if your program is eligible for funding, contact us at

Please note whether you are studying in the Bachelors, Masters or PhD, the program code for your department remains the same. If you are in a graduate diploma, please look under the faculty to find your program code. 

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