Course withdrawals

Students who wish to withdraw from a course or courses must do so online. You can also find this link in My CU Account.

When you drop a course online, you must make sure to confirm your transaction and/or verify your registration record to ensure that the course was in fact properly dropped.

Course withdrawal

There are two different types of course withdrawal:

DNE (Did Not Enter)
The DNE withdrawal has no academic or financial impact on the student and does not appear on the student’s academic record.

DISC (Discontinued)
The course as well as a DISC withdrawal notation remains on a student's academic record but does not affect the student's GPA. However, the student is financially responsible for the payment of all tuition and other fees pertaining to the course.

These course withdrawal deadline dates can be found at Term Dates and Deadlines.

Late Course Withdrawals

Withdrawal from the university

Students who wish to withdraw from the University completely must:

  1. Withdraw from their courses by the appropriate deadline ONLINE. This link can also be found in My CU Account.


  1. After dropping the courses online, notify the Office of the Registrar in writing:
    • Email

    • Send a registered letter addressed to:
         Office of the Registrar
         Enrolment Services
         Room S-FB 900
         1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
         Montreal, Quebec, Canada
         H3G 1M8


  • Email: Please include your full name and Concordia student ID number in your correspondence.
  • Registered letter: Please ensure your full name is legible and that you include your signature.
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