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Course withdrawals

When you register for a course, you become responsible for following the University’s academic rules and regulations. If you decide to withdraw from a course, or from the University, you must do so before the published drop deadlines to avoid financial and/or academic consequences.

To withdraw from a course(s) before the DNE or DISC deadline, you must use the Enrolment: Drop Classes section of your online My CU Account to drop the course. You must confirm your transaction and/or verify your registration on your Student Record to ensure that you are no longer enrolled. Find out more about how to drop a course.

  • Not attending classes, or informing an instructor of intent to withdraw, does not constitute formal withdrawal.
  • Students who do not properly withdraw before the published deadlines, and who do not complete assigned work, tests or exams, will receive failing grades.

Withdrawing from a course or submitting a late withdrawal request may have significant academic and/or financial consequences. Consult the section below that is applicable to your situation, to make a fully informed decision.

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