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Academic advising

Academic advising is a collaborative effort between students, staff and faculty that empowers students to meet their academic goals and achieve their vision of success. Academic advisors are here to help you progress through your degree at Concordia.

(Graduate advising information varies depending on program. For an overview of academic advising and suggested contacts by program see Step 1 – Advising under the Graduate tab in the Registration guide.)

Advising structure for undergraduate students

Your main advisor’s contact information is in your Student Centre. Depending on your program, you may have access to additional advisors who can answer your questions and assist with academic planning:  

What you must do before meeting with your advisor

Remember – academic advice is unique to you!

Academic advice ​can vary — even for students in the same program or faculty. Keep in mind that your classmates have individual circumstances that impact the academic advice they receive so it is strongly recommended that you connect with your academic advisor to get personalized answers to your questions. Contact your program advisor!

Advising web pages by faculty

Other types of support at Concordia

Career advisors address all kinds of career questions. What can you do with your degree? How should you start planning for your post-graduate life? 

International Student Advisors help with questions about immigration documents, health insurance, work permits and other issues specific to international students.

Accessibility Advisors work within the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities. They can help students arrange accommodations in response to a variety of barriers, as well as provide counseling on self-advocacy and referral services.

Staff mentors, or Navigators, are available for students who would like a bit of extra guidance learning about Concordia’s services and how to access them.

Student mentors, or Welcome Crew members, are available to help first-year undergraduate and graduate students get settled at Concordia.​

Counseling and Psychological Services is staffed by professional licensed psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors who work with students to help you achieve psychological health and wellness. They offer telephone, videoconference and in-person services.

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