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Understanding your degree credit requirements

Do you know how many credits you need to earn your undergraduate degree? You can find this magic number in your Offer of Admission! Normally, the minimum number of credits determines the number of years of full-time study that you will spend at Concordia:

  • 90 credits (3 years) – for CEGEP graduates and second degree students
  • 108 credits – for Mature Entry Program students
  • 120 credits (4 years) – for Extended Credit Program students who completed high school outside of Quebec
  • 150 credits (5 years) – for Extended Credit Program students who are in certain programs (for example: Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Teaching English as a Second Language, as well as Engineering programs)

Deficiencies and transfer credits

Deficiencies and transfer credits can affect the number of credits you have to complete at Concordia to obtain your undergraduate degree:

  • Deficiencies are required courses you must complete to earn your degree. Refer to your offer letter for details on whether your deficiencies will add time to your mininum degree length.
  • Transfer credits are recognized credits from previous studies. They may count towards your program of study or your electives. You should confer with an academic advisor about having your transfer credits assessed for equivalencies to Concordia courses.

Deficiencies and transfer credits are unique to each student’s individual academic background – don’t rely on information from your friends!  

Degree and program structure

But what else makes up the rest of your degree? Each faculty has a different degree and program structure, but many undergraduate degrees at Concordia are comprised of:

  • Program requirements: specific courses for your Major, Minor, Concentration, Specialization or Honours program(s).
  • Elective courses: courses you get to choose. Your faculty may have specific rules about the elective courses you take.
  • Core or foundation courses: specific courses all students in a program or faculty need to complete as part of their degree.

A breakdown of each faculty’s undergraduate degree and program requirements can be found on the following faculty websites:

Consult the Undergraduate Calendar for all of the official rules and regulations pertaining to your undergraduate degree requirements:

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