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Our name comes from the Haitian Creole phrase, nou la which means “we are here.”  

We offer programming, services, and resources for Black Concordia students to support our collective success and wellbeing.

Programs and Services

Mentorship Program

In the Fall and Winter semesters, the NouLa Centre offers a guided mentorship program to a small cohort of Black Concordia students who are either in the second to last year of their bachelor's degree or pursuing graduate studies.

Apply for the mentorship program

NouLa Homeroom Pod

Homeroom pods are weekly gatherings led by an upper-year student where you’ll discuss topics that will help ease the transition to Concordia all while meeting new people and developing skills to propel you through your university experience. Space is limited, so join now!

Register for a NouLa Homeroom Pod

Black Graduation Celebration

The Black Student Graduation Celebration is a moment to recognize and celebrate Concordia’s Black graduates for their hard work, contributions and achievements, and to usher them into a strong network of fellow graduates, faculty, staff and alumni.

Learn more about Black Graduation


We offer events throughout the year such as games and movie nights, Black Arts series, wellness programming and more!

Upcoming events

No upcoming events at this time.

Questions? Contact us.

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