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Program length

Time required to finish your undergraduate degree

Depending on your academic background, the average undergraduate program at Concordia takes three or four years to complete.

This table shows the time required to complete an undergraduate program at Concordia. Estimates are based on you taking a full course load.

Applicant type Length of most
undergraduate programs
Exceptions: Longer programs
(list of exceptions below)
Quebec CEGEP Three years (90 credits) Four years (120 credits)
High school
Four years (120 credits)
See Extended Credit Program for details.

Five years (150 credits)
See Extended Credit Program for details.
Baccalauréat français
International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma
Mature Student Program length depends on the applicant’s situation.
See Mature Entry Program for details.
University or college transfer Program length depends on the applicant’s situation.
Details will be provided in your Offer of Admission.

Why two program lengths?

While there are exceptions (see below), Concordia offers three and four year Bachelor’s degrees depending on your academic background. Here’s why:

  • Quebec CEGEP graduates complete 13 years of study before starting university.
  • High schools graduates outside Quebec complete 12 years of study before starting university.

The extra academic year Quebec CEGEP graduates do before starting university allows them to complete many programs in three years.

Exceptions: list of longer programs

Certain programs require more time for all students to finish. These include:

  • All Engineering programs
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
  • Specialization in Art Education
  • Exercise Science/Athletic Therapy

Extended Credit Program (ECP)

Most students entering Concordia from a secondary school outside Quebec are admitted to the ECP. This requires the completion of 30 credits in addition to the regular 90 or 120 credit degree programs.

Mature Entry Program (MEP)

The MEP usually requires the completion of 18 additional credits. This program is reserved for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Please see Mature Entry Program for admission requirements.

The information provided is for reference purposes. Please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for official information.

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