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Submit your funding application

Submit your application though the Concordia Research Administration Database (ConRAD), as well as to the funding agency, or finalize the process with the Partnerships and Innovation team.

Grant application submission process

  • The Research Grants unit provides an administrative review of the grant application and will send the faculty member comments and suggestions via e-mail.
  • Using the comments and suggestions, the faculty member will prepare the final version of the application and all necessary copies. The final should be submitted to the OOR at least three working days before the agency deadline, to ensure that the last signature and approval from the University can be obtained.
  • The grant application is then submitted, either electronically or by courier, to the agency.

ConRAD is an automated system for the management of research information that allows for the internal review and endorsement of applications of grants and the submission of compliance protocols. Researchers can submit and review documents through ConRAD.


Download the ConRAD checklist

View the ConRAD Tutorial

There are still two elements to a research application:
  1. Your proposal to the sponsor, and
  2. University approval to apply.
Available Forms:
  • Grant Details Form
  • Inter-institutional Details Form
  • Seed Funding, Team Grants, Facilities Optimization, and Aid to Research Related Events Programs
Easy Steps
  • Open ConRAD. (The link can also be found on Carrefour's My CU Account page.) 
  • Under "Apply New," open the necessary form about one week before the internal deadline.
  • Complete the fields and attach the final version of your proposal.

ConRAD automatically routes your request through the internal approval process, ending at the Office of Research (OOR).

  • At the OOR, we can approve your application by:
    • sending it to the sponsor via their online system, or
    • signing the hardcopy, if the sponsor prefers a paper submission.
  • When your proposal is ready for submission to the sponsor, follow the sponsor’s instructions:
    • Sponsors using online systems: submit your final proposal through their system. The OOR will review and forward it to the sponsor.
    • Paper Submissions: OOR will sign the application, and either you or an OOR employee can forward the hardcopy to the sponsor.
    • Using ConRAD does not replace the need to submit your final proposal to the sponsor, but it is required for grant approvals.

Submit a HREC protocol

Available Forms:
  • Human Research Ethics - Summary Protocol Form
Easy Steps
  • Open ConRAD. (You can also find this link on Carrefour's My CU Account page.)
  • Under "Apply New," open a Summary Protocol Form (SPF) prior to the start of the research project.
  • Complete the fields and attach the required documents.

ConRAD automatically routes your request through to the Office of Research (OOR).

Important: It may take up to six weeks for the committee’s decision. Data collection should not begin until ethics approval has been obtained.

Did you try checking the ConRAD FAQ for what you're looking for?

You can also view the ConRAD Tutorial.

For ConRAD-related questions, please send an email to

For VPN-related support, contact the IITS Service Desk at 514-848-2424, ext. 7613, or by email at

Important notes about using ConRAD

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