Manage your grant

In the following months following a submission, the grant application will be evaluated by the funding agency. If required, this is a good time to obtain ethics approval for the research project.

Notification of grant

Most funding agencies provide a timeline on when decisions and announcements will be made on the outcome of an application. If there is no information provided, it will normally take three to six months to adjudicate a research grant application.

If the application is successful, and you have met all conditions tied to the grant, including ethics compliance requirements, the research grants unit will issue a Notification of Award.

Opening a research account

The Research Funds group in Financial Services will create a research account for the awarded contract grant, from which the faculty member will be able to access the awarded project funds through a Banner Fund Number.

For research grants, normally a notice of award will be issued within 2 working days and sent to Research Funds. During periods of high volume (grant submission periods - August to November, and February to April) this may take additional time.

In the case of industry contributions or funds, the Research Partnerships and Innovation team will liaise in the opening of accounts.

Grant management

Depending on the guidelines of the funding agency, the Research Grants unit can assist in managing the awarded funds, including amendments to budget, leaves, changes of status, extensions, deferrals and reporting. For assistance, please contact the Research Grants team by email at

For up-to-date account balance information, contact your respective Financial Officer in Research Funds.

Transferring funds between institutions

Collaborative research projects often require transferring funds between institutions. A Principal Investigator may choose to send an inter-institutional transfer of funds or sub-grant to a co-investigator or co-applicant at another eligible institution.

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