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Policies by theme

The policies in this section are Official University Policies. They are only available in this electronic format. You may browse the policies by sector, and by theme. Should there be a conflict with a policy posted elsewhere, the policies on these pages will be considered official and the most up-to-date.




Student life and academics




Human resources and employee and labour relations

  • Policy on Senior Administrative Appointments (BD-5)
  • Omnibus Policy on the Remuneration of Senior Administrative Personnel (BD-11)
  • Policy on the Employment and Remuneration of Senior Administrators, Deputy Provosts, Vice-Provosts and Associate Vice-Presidents (BD-8)
  • Policy on the Employment and Remuneration of the Academic Deans and the University Librarian (BD-17)
  • Policy Relating to the Administrative and Support Staff Electoral College (BD-12)
  • Workers' Compensation (CSST) Reporting, Return to Work and Temporary Work (VPS-43)
  • Introduction and Definitions (HR-1)
  • Staffing-Permanent Positions (HR-2)
  • Staffing-Temporary Positions (HR-3)
  • Employment Security Procedure (HR-4)
  • Employment of Research Personnel Hired by Grant Recipients (HR-5)
  • Employee Orientation and Integration (HR-6)
  • Probation and Trial Periods (HR-7)
  • Employment Equity (HR-8)
  • Promotions and Transfers (HR-9)
  • Temporary Assignments (HR-10)
  • Termination of Employment (HR-11)
  • Paid Holidays (HR-12)
  • Social Leave (HR-13)
  • Vacation Leave (HR-14)
  • Leave Without Pay (HR-15)
  • Study Leave (HR-16)
  • Time Off on Election Days (HR-17)
  • Emergency Leave (HR-18)
  • Tuition Benefits (HR-19)
  • Deferred Salary Leave Plan (HR-20)
  • Disability Leave-Short Term (HR-21)
  • Disability Leave-Long Term (HR-22)
  • Maternity and Parental Leave (HR-23)
  • Employee Assistance Program (HR-24)
  • Summer Hours (HR-25)
  • Training and Development (HR-26)
  • Compensation (HR-28)
  • Overtime (HR-29)
  • Seizure of Salary (HR-30)
  • Compensation of Casual Employees in Case of Fortuitous Event (HR-31)
  • Attendance (HR-32)
  • Rest and Meal Periods (HR-33)
  • Employee Files (HR-34)
  • Employee References (HR-35)
  • Confidential Information (HR-36)
  • Payroll Policy (HR-37)
  • Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Psychological Harassment (HR-38)
  • Policy on Employment and Remuneration of Managerial and Other Employees not Governed by a Collective or Other Agreement (HR-39)
  • Policy on Employment and Remuneration of Academic Administrators (HR-40)


Governance and finance




Privacy, use of name, and intellectual property


Campus safety and prevention


Environmental health and safety



  • Policy concerning Gift Acceptance & Receipting (VPA-1)
  • Policy concerning the Management, Access, and Use of Institutional Advancement Data (VPA-2)
  • Policy on the Naming of University Spaces, Buildings, and Other Assets, Programs or Activities (VPA-3)
  • Policy on Gift Stewardship (VPA-4)
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