Injury and near-miss reporting

Slip and fall

When someone is injured during a university-related activity, or could have been injured, reporting is essential. It allows for an investigation and for corrective measures to be implemented. This applies to incidents on campus and to those off campus that are sanctioned by Concordia.

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Procedure for university employees

Injury Reporting:

  • Care for yourself or the injured person. 
  • If emergency help is required, call Campus Security at 514-848-3717. 
  • Inform your supervisor or unit head.
  • Report the injury through the Workplace Health and Safety application in Unity, ideally within 24 hours of an incident.

Please note: Employees who are injured while working must inform the treating physician that they were hurt on the job to obtain related documents. These must be uploaded to Workplace Health and Safety application.

Near-miss Reporting:

Procedure for students, volunteers, contractors, or visitors:

Injury Reporting:

  • Care for yourself or the injured person.
  • Call Campus Security: 514-848-3717. They will contact emergency service, if required.
  • Complete Concordia's Injury/Near-Miss report

Near-miss Reporting:


Injury: incident linked to a university-sanctioned activity that causes physical injury to a person or persons. It may also include exposure to conditions or substances that result in disease.

Near-miss: incident on university property linked to a university-sanctioned activity that could have caused either injury or material damage.


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