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Injury/near-miss reporting


Injuries/near-misses occurring on University premises or during University sanctioned activities must be reported and investigated in order to fulfill legal requirements, ascertain compliance with applicable safety regulations, and assist the University in taking steps to remedy hazardous conditions to prevent recurrence.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) ensures that members of the University community are informed of their obligation to report all injuries and near-misses.


Refer to EHS-DOC-042 for step by step instructions to report injuries or near-misses.


All Members of the University Community have the responsibility to:

1.     Immediately report injuries or near-misses to either:

        i.      Their Supervisor (Employee/Contract Worker/Intern)

       ii.      Their Instructor (Student) or

       iii.      Security (Visitor/Volunteer)

and, to Environment Health & Safety  (EHS).

2.     Complete and sign a University Injury/Near-Miss Report as soon as possible (within 24 hours) following the injury.

3.     In the case of an injury or near-miss requiring medical attention, the victim is to inform the physician that the Employment Injury/Near-Miss is work related, if appropriate;

4.      If the supervisor/instructor is not present, or if the injury/near-miss occurred after business hours, the injury is to be reported to Security before leaving the University.

Please refer to VPS-42 Policy on Injury/Near-Miss Reporting and Investigation, for detailed information.

To report an injury/near-miss, print and complete the University Injury/Near-Miss Report Form:

If you have sustained a work related injury you may be eligible for workers’ compensation  click here


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