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Radioactive waste disposal procedures

Radioactive waste disposal procedures

What are they?

Radioactive waste is defined as any waste containing radioactive material.  The radioactive waste management at Concordia is under the strict control of the Site Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

The radioactive waste generated at Concordia is composed of sealed and unsealed radioactive waste, such as:

  • aqueous radioactive solutions
  • radioactive salts
  • liquid scintillation counting fluid in vials
  • solid materials contaminated with radioactive material


Once you have radioactive wastes ready to be picked-up, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. A properly completed Radioactive Waste Disposal Tag must be completed and attached to each container of radioactive waste to be collected.
  2. A Radioactive Waste Disposal Form must be filled out.
  3. The form must be sent to the RSO before any pickup.
  4. Each container, pail or drum, is to be marked with a unique identification number, the name of the responsible person and the date.
  5. Contact RSO to schedule a waste pick-up.
  6. All radioactive waste is either decayed or removed by a licenced carrier.
  7. For more details, refer to the Radiation Safety Policy Manual

  • Radioactive waste must never be placed in non-radioactive waste containers.
  • All waste containers are to be kept closed and shielded at all times.
  • All radioactive waste is collected by EHS only.
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