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Recreation, sports & fitness

Activate Your Way

Fitness centre - Le Gym

A comprehensive fitness facility located on the downtown campus. Our centre is complete with exercise equipment, experienced personal trainers, and many fitness classes, covering aerobics, dance, fitness, martial arts and more.

Student lifting weights at Le Gym

Intramural Sports (Leagues & Recreational activities/sports)

Concordia Recreation offers a variety of sports leagues on the Loyola campus at the Ed Meagher Arena, Concordia Gym, Concordia Stadium and the Stinger Dome. As well as other recreational activities and sports on both the Loyola and SGW campuses.

Children at Concordia Athletics summer camp

Camps & Youth Programs

We offer spring break and summer camps ranging from sports, games, arts and crafts and other fun activities. Our progmas are held mainly on the Loyola Campus, come see how children can activate too.

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