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Here is a list of all programs of study currently offered by CCE:

Online Workshops


Full-Stack Web Development  / Développement web full-stack

(Diploma offered in English) (Diplôme offert en français)

PHP/MySQL Applications Development (Diploma)

Web Development (Diploma)

Web Programming (Diploma)

Cyber Resilience & Security

Cybersecurity Proficiency (Certificate)

Web Design & Publishing

CAD Fundamentals - AutoCAD (Certificate)

CAD Fundamentals - SolidWorks (Certificate)

Digital Imagery (Certificate)

Graphic Design

(Full-time diploma)   (Part-time diploma)

Photoshop (Certificate)

Web Publications (Diploma)

Website Creation and Design (Diploma)

Website Visibility and Interface Design (Diploma)

WordPress and JavaScript (Diploma)

Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation (Certificate)
(offered with The Shipping Federation of Canada)

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

AI Proficiency (Certificate)

Big Data Business Analytics (Diploma)

Data Science for Digital Marketing Analytics (Diploma)

Data Science Programming (Diploma)

Data Science (Diploma)

User Experience (UX)

UX (Certificate)

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
(Full-time diploma) (Part-time diploma)

Search Marketing (Certificate)

Social Media Marketing (Certificate)

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Studies
(Full-time diploma) (Part-time diploma)


HR, Leadership & Management

Data-Driven Management Master Program


Human Resources Management
(Full-time diploma) (Part-time diploma) (Certificate)


Certification en leadership et habiletés de direction (Certificat)
(offert en partenariat avec l'Institut de leadership)


Data-Based Communications (Certificate)

Creative Writing

Creative Writing (Diploma) (Certificate

Travel Blogging (Certificate)

Languages & Culture

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