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Certificate in CAD Fundamentals – SOLIDWORKS


This hands-on Computer Aided Design (CAD) is for you because you are looking to complement or improve your competitiveness in engineering, product design, or any field where design and drafting are essential. SOLIDWORKS is currently one of the world's most popular CAD software.

SOLIDWORKS has a wide-ranging user base including individual users, small to mid-sized businesses and large industries. Through the use of user-centered design, it provides excellent usability, enabling users to work effectively with rapid efficiency. SOLIDWORKS has product capabilities that provide comprehensive product development technology for concept and industrial design, detailed design, analysis and manufacturing. Project work is an integral part of all CAD courses. You will be required to maintain a printed portfolio of your course work. This portfolio can also provide potential industry employers with a means of evaluating graduates.

Your takeaways

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the parametric design philosophy of SOLIDWORKS;
  • Work on your sketching, assembling and detailing skills using the software;
  • Develop intermediate professional skills and techniques to advanced model-creation features;
  • Study design techniques;
  • Produce models and drawings required for manufacturing.

Program courses

To obtain this certificate, students must complete the two courses below. For course descriptions, schedules and registration, click on the links of each course.

Our approach

In this course, you'll gain real-world knowledge, experience and insights through lectures from an experienced pro who'll show you the ropes. More excitingly, you'll learn through hands-on projects using the most powerful equipment and the very latest software. You can't get skills like this online.

Who benefits most?

  • Anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of 3D modeling.
  • Students who want to learn AutoCAD, SolidWorks and CATIA.
  • Students who want to pursue a job in modeling, 3D modeling, 3D printing, any type of engineering, architecture, drafting, manufacturing, designers, draftspersons, machinists and woodworkers or other related fields.
  • Students who want to pursue a job in modeling, 3D modeling, 3D printing, any type of engineering, architecture, drafting, manufacturing or other related fields.
  • Engineering undergraduates and graduate students in industrial and mechanical specializations.
  • CEGEP students who want to prepare for undergraduate degrees and employment.
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