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Diploma in Leadership


Sure, you’ve got skills and hands-on experience, but the truth is, they’ll only take you so far. If you want to move up in the business world, nothing beats solid leadership and management skills. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in this newly designed program.

Over the course of five, 30-hour classes, you’ll engage with case studies, take part in discussions and role-playing exercises and practice the latest proven business techniques. By the end of the program, you’ll have honed your leadership and management abilities and gained the invaluable knowledge and experience you need to advance your career no matter what your field. Ready to take the lead?

Your takeaways

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Recruit the right employees, then manage and coach them successfully;
  • Develop highly performing teams, both on site and remotely, by fostering a collaborative workplace, delegating responsibilities and managing efficiently;
  • Communicate powerfully, effectively and prolifically;
  • Build high levels of integrity, transparency and honesty and model those behaviours in the workplace;
  • Resolve conflicts using appropriate techniques and emotional intelligence;
  • Gain awareness of leadership styles, qualities and behaviours required to lead and influence others;
  • Create a team environment that supports innovation and creative problem-solving;
  • Practice a design-thinking process that involves problem solving, creativity techniques and decision-making tools.

Program courses

To obtain this diploma, students must complete the five courses below. For course descriptions, schedules and registration, click on the links of each course.

Our approach

Students will engage in practical and critical thinking courses allowing them to reflect and project themselves in their current or future work environment. Teachers will use many pedagogical techniques such as case studies, group discussions, team presentations, introspection questionnaires to apply learning to real-world experiences.

Who benefits most?

  • Students and business professionals who want a Diploma in modern leadership and management practices or simply want to explore content in specific course areas.
  • Mid-level managers and individuals with technical backgrounds who want to broaden their team-management skills.
  • New and lower-level managers who want to move into a higher management role.
  • Recent business grads who want to enter the workforce or business professionals seeking a promotion.
  • Newcomers to Canada who want a certificate or diploma from a respected Canadian institution.
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