You can probably get through life without taking a heavy-duty diesel mechanic's course, but every one of us could stand to improve our writing skills, be it for work or pleasure. Take a peek at the course listings, they make for compelling reading themselves. Select five out of seven courses and you are on your way! 

Your take-away

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Explore a variety of different writing skills;
  • Improve your ability to express yourself creatively;
  • Develop your vision and voice as a storyteller;
  • Learn various narrative techniques like character and plot development;
  • Familiarize yourself with various aspects of the publishing world;
  • Gain experience pitching your ideas to editors or publishers;
  • Manage deadlines and expectations;
  • Produce a piece of writing.

Program courses

To get this diploma, students must complete the following course and five (5) out of the eight (8) elective courses listed below.
*Click the blue links to get information about each course.


Elective courses

To get this diploma, students must complete the above course and five (5) out of the eight (8) elective courses listed below.

*Click the blue links to get information about each course.

Create your program path

If you want to complete this program as efficiently as possible, or if you are looking to build a schedule that best suits your needs, please contact us at; we will be happy to have a discussion with you. For course descriptions, schedules and registration click on the above course links.

Our approach

The courses in this program are all about writing, so you'll be doing a lot of it. You'll also learn through interactive workshops, exercises, group discussions, and assignments. Enthusiastic participation and effort are the keys to enjoyment and success in this program.

Who benefits most?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.
  • Anyone considering a career as a writer.
  • Writers who want to branch out into new formats of writing.
  • Advertising copywriters who want to hone new narrative skills.
  • Retirees or business people who want to try something new to balance out their lives.
  • Foreign students who want to improve their written English.
  • Anyone with a story to tell.

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