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Policies by sector

Board of Governors

Policy No. Title Official Version
BD - Board of Governors
BD-1 Policy on Contract Review, Signing and Required Approvals


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Terms of Reference of the Ombuds Office BD-2.pdf

Code of Rights and Responsibilities


(For cases occuring before April 19, 2017)

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BD-4 Policy on Conflict of Interest


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BD-5 Policy on Senior Administrative Appointments


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BD-6 Policy on the Establishment of Tribunal Hearing Pools BD-6.pdf
BD-7 Sustainability Policy BD-7.pdf
BD-8 Policy on the Employment and Remuneration of Senior Administrators, Deputy Provosts, Vice-Provosts and Associate Vice-Presidents


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BD-9 Concordia Council on Student Life BD-9.pdf
BD-10 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Applicableto Members of the Board of Governors and Members of Committees Established by the Board


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BD-11 Omnibus Policy on the Remuneration of Senior Administrative Personnel BD-11.pdf
BD-12 Policy Relating to the Administrative and Support Staff Electoral College BD-12.pdf
BD-13 Policy on the Internal Audit Function BD-13.pdf
BD-14 Policy on Enterprise Risk Management BD-14.pdf
BD-15 Guidelines for the Awarding of Honorary Degrees


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Policy on Employee Disclosures of Wrongdoings


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BD-17 Policy on the Employment and Remuneration of the Academic Deans and the University Librarian BD-17.pdf

Office of the Secretary-General

Policy No. Title Official Version
SG - Office of the Secretary-General
SG-1 Policy on the Display of Posters SG-1.pdf
SG-2 Policy on Copyright Compliance


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SG-3 Policy on the Distribution of Publications on Campus SG-3.pdf
SG-4 Policy on the Use of Concordia University’s Name, Logo and Related Insignia, and the Governance of its Visual Character and Digital Presence


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SG-5 Policy on the Emergency Release of Personal Information SG-5.pdf
SG-6 Policy on University Policies SG-6.pdf
SG-7 Policy on the Conferral of the Emeriti Title by the Board of Governors
SG-8 Policy on the Acquisition of Archives SG-8.pdf
SG-9 Policy Concerning the Protection of Personal Information


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SG-10 Policy on Records Management and Archives SG-10.pdf
SG-11 Policy on Email Management


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SG-12 Flag Lowering Policy SG-12.pdf
SG-13 Policy on the Institutional Response to a Death


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  Rules of Natural Justice Rules of Natural Justice
  University Language Policy Language_policy.pdf (In French)

Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Policy No. Title Official Version
PRVPA - Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic
PRVPA-1 Policy for Students on the Accommodation of Religious Observances


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PRVPA-2 Policy on Audio and/or Video Recording of Lectures PRVPA-2.pdf
PRVPA-3 Policy regarding Sexual Violence
PRVPA-4 Policy on Data Governance


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Dean of Students
PRVPA-10 Policy on Student Associations and Groups


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PRVPA-11 Policy on Student-Operated Commercial Enterprises PRVPA-11.pdf
PRVPA-14 Policy on Accessibility for Students with Disabilities PRVPA-14.pdf
PRVPA-15 Policy On Student Involuntary Leave of Absence


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Office of the Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies

Policy No. Title Official Version
VPRGS - Office of the Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies
VPRGS-1 Policy on Contract Research


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VPRGS-2 Policy on Indirect Costs Recovery From Research Funding Agencies Not Accredited by SIRU VPRGS-2.pdf
VPRGS-3 Policy for the Ethical Review of Research Involving Humans


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VPRGS-4 Policy on Postdoctoral Fellows VPRGS-4.pdf
VPRGS-5 Policy on Conflict of Interest in Research


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VPRGS-6 Policy on new International Academic Linkages


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VPRGS-7 Policy on Research Chairs


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VPRGS-8 Policy on Research Units and Infrastructure Platforms


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VPRGS-9 Policy on Intellectual Property


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VPRGS-10 Policy on Academic Visitors VPRGS-10.pdf
VPRGS-11 Policy on The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery Acquisitions VPRGS-11.pdf
VPRGS-12 Policy for the Responsible Conduct of Research


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VPRGS-13 Policy on the Ethical Use of Animals in Research and Teaching


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Office of the Vice-President, Services and Sustainability

Policy No. Title Official Version
VPS - Office of the Vice-President, Services and Sustainability
VPS-1 Policy on Tobacco, Cannabis and Vaping VPS-1.pdf
VPS-3 Policy on the Sale and Service of Alcohol on University Premises


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VPS-4 Policy on Hours of Operation VPS-4.pdf
VPS-6 Policy on Working Outside The Hours of Operation or in Isolation VPS-6.pdf
VPS-7 Policy on the Sale and Service of Food and Beverage Service on University Space


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VPS-8 Policy Concerning Minors on Campus


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Security Department
VPS-20 Security Policy VPS-20.pdf
VPS-21 Parking Policy VPS-21.pdf
VPS-22 Animals on University Premises VPS-22.pdf
VPS-23 Policy on Minimum Security Coverage for Large Facilities VPS-23.pdf
VPS-24 Policy on the Temporary use of University Space VPS-24.pdf
Instructional and Information Technology Services
VPS-30 Policy on Computing Facilities VPS-30.pdf
VPS-31 Telecommunications Policy VPS-31.pdf
VPS-32 Policy on Computer Provisioning VPS-32.pdf
VPS-33 Information Security Policy VPS-33.pdf
Environmental Health and Safety Office
VPS-40 Environmental Health and Safety Policy VPS-40.pdf
VPS-41 Policy on Personal Protective Equipment
VPS-42 Policy on Injury Reporting and Investigation


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VPS-43 Workers’ Compensation (CSST) Reporting, Return to Work and Temporary Work Assignment VPS-43.pdf
VPS-46 Radiation Safety Policy VPS-46.pdf
VPS-47 Policy for the Management of Hazardous Materials VPS-47.pdf
VPS-51 Laser Safety Policy
VPS-52 Biosafety Policy


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VPS-54 Magnetic Field Safety Policy VPS-54.pdf
Emergency Management
VPS-45 Policy on First Aid and Medical Emergency VPS-45.pdf
VPS-48 Hazardous Materials Spill Response Policy VPS-48.pdf
VPS-49 Fire Safety and Prevention Policy VPS-49.pdf
VPS-50 Emergency Management Policy VPS-50.pdf
VPS-53 Policy on Travel Outside of Quebec VPS-53.pdf
Facilities Management
VPS-60 Space Allocation, Utilization and Alterations Policy VPS-60.pdf
VPS-61 Policy on Filming and Photography on University Premises VPS-61.pdf
Human Resources
HR-1 Introduction and Definitions HR-1.pdf
HR-2 Staffing-Permanent Positions HR-2.pdf
HR-3 Staffing-Temporary Positions HR-3.pdf
HR-4 Employment Security Procedure HR-4.pdf
HR-5 Employment of Research Personnel Hired by Grant Recipients HR-5.pdf
HR-6 Employee Orientation and Integration HR-6.pdf
HR-7 Probation and Trial Periods HR-7.pdf
HR-8 Employment Equity HR-8.pdf
HR-9 Promotions and Transfers HR-9.pdf
HR-10 Temporary Assignments HR-10.pdf
HR-11 Termination of Employment HR-11.pdf
HR-12 Paid Holidays HR-12.pdf
HR-13 Social Leave HR-13.pdf
HR-14 Vacation Leave HR-14.pdf
HR-15 Leave Without Pay HR-15.pdf
HR-16 Study Leave HR-16.pdf
HR-17 Time Off on Election Days HR-17.pdf
HR-18 Emergency Leave HR-18.pdf
HR-19 Tuition Benefits HR-19.pdf
HR-20 Deferred Salary Leave Plan HR-20.pdf
HR-21 Disability Leave-Short Term HR-21.pdf
HR-22 Disability Leave-Long Term HR-22.pdf
HR-23 Maternity and Parental Leave HR-23.pdf
HR-24 Employee Assistance Program HR-24.pdf
HR-25 Summer Hours HR-25.pdf
HR-26 Training and Development HR-26.pdf
HR-28 Compensation HR-28.pdf
HR-29 Overtime HR-29.pdf
HR-30 Seizure of Salary HR-30.pdf
HR-31 Compensation of Casual Employees in Case of Fortuitous Event HR-31.pdf
HR-32 Attendance HR-32.pdf
HR-33 Rest and Meal Periods HR-33.pdf
HR-34 Employee Files HR-34.pdf
HR-35 Employee References HR-35.pdf
HR-36 Confidential Information HR-36.pdf
HR-37 Payroll HR-37.pdf
HR-38 Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Psychological Harassment


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HR-39 Policy on Employment and Remuneration of Managerial and Other Employees not Governed by a Collective or Other Agreement HR-39.pdf
HR-40 Policy on Employment and Remuneration of Academic Administrators HR-40.pdf

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Policy No. Title Official Version
CFO - Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Financial Services
CFO-1 Policy on Invoicing and Collection of Internal Charges and Accounts Receivables CFO-1.pdf
CFO-2 Internal Charges Policy CFO-2.pdf
CFO-3 Travel and Conference Policy


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CFO-4 Capital, Asset Management, Funding and Financing Policy CFO-4.pdf
CFO-5 Ownership of Assets Purchased With a Faculty Professional Development Allowance CFO-5.pdf
CFO-6 Policy on the Treatment of Deficits in Research Accounts CFO-6.pdf
CFO-7 Policy on the Administration of CIDA Grants CFO-7.pdf
CFO-8 Petty Cash Policy


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CFO-9 Credit Card Security Policy CFO-9.pdf
CFO-10 Policy on Hospitality, Meetings and Events


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CFO-11 Endowment Spending and Capital Encroachment Policy CFO-11.pdf
Purchasing Services
CFO-20 Procurement Policy CFO-20.pdf

Office of the Vice-President, Advancement

Policy No. Title Official Version
VPA - Office of the Vice-President, Advancement
VPA-1 Policy Concerning Gift Acceptance and Receipting VPA-1.pdf
VPA-2 Policy Concerning the Management, Access, and Use Of Institutional Advancement Data VPA-2.pdf
VPA-3 Policy on the Naming of University Spaces, Buildings, and Other Assets, Programs or Activities VPA-3.pdf
VPA-4 Policy on Gift Stewardship VPA-4.pdf

Selected Senate and Academic Policies

Policy No. Title Official Version
Selected Senate and Academic Policies
US-1 Code of Ethics and Conduct Applicable to Members of Senate and Members of Committees Established by Senate US-1.pdf
US-2 Guidelines Pertaining to the Recording and Broadcasting of Senate Meetings US-2.pdf
  Academic Re-evaluation Procedures Academic_Re-eval_Procedures.pdf
  Graduate Academic Appeals Procedures Grad Appeals.pdf
  Academic Code of Conduct (2015)
2015 Academic Code of Conduct.pdf
  NOTE that the following three incident reports need to be downloaded before using the fillable form feature  
  Academic Code of Conduct - Incident Report, Centrally supervised examinations IR-Centrally Supervised Examinations.pdf
  Academic Code of Conduct - Incident Report, Non-Centrally supervised examinations IR-Non-Centrally Supervised Examinations.pdf
  Academic Code of Conduct - Incident Report, Non- examination related offences IR-Non-Examination Related Offences.pdf
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