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Policy for the responsible conduct of research (VPRGS-12)


Research is an integral part of the mission of Concordia University. Concordia is committed to providing an environment that supports research and that fosters researchers’ abilities to act honestly, accountably, openly and fairly in the search for and dissemination of knowledge. Concordia expects of its researchers to conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct in every aspect of research, funded or not.

Policy overview

VPRGS-12 serves to promote research integrity and ethical conduct within the university, encouraging researcher responsibility when executing their work, disseminating data and acknowledging external contributions. It also summarizes how breaches of policy are addressed, primarily by defining research misconduct and outlining how Concordia investigates matters to do with these breaches of policy.

For more information

For more details related to VPRGS-12, including how allegations of research misconduct are handled within Concordia University, you can consult the Procedures for the Inquiry and Investigation of Allegations of Research Misconduct.

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