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Code of Rights and Responsibilities (BD-3)


Concordia is committed to providing a safe and civil learning environment and workplace.

The Code of Rights and Responsibilities is an important part of that commitment. This policy sets out behavioural expectations for all members of our university community.

Policy overview

The code promotes and protects core values, including civility, equity, respect, non-discrimination and diversity. It also sets out prohibited behaviours such as discrimination, threatening or violent conduct, harassment and any form of sexual violence.

The code details the process for bringing behavioural complaints forward, including both informal and formal resolution options. Informal procedures can include clarifying perceptions, engaging in mediation and providing strategies for resolution. Formal procedures include hearings, investigations and potential sanctions.


Whom should I contact if I have concerns about the behaviour of a Concordia student, faculty member or staff member?

Please email, or phone 514-848-2424, ext. 8659, or visit the Office of Rights and Responsibilities at the GM Building, 1550 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Room GM-1005.

Advisors in the Office of Rights and Responsibilities offer support, advice and information regarding the options available to you.

To find out more, visit the Office of Rights and Responsibilities.

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