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Mature student

Virtual information sessions

Applying through the Mature Entry Program (MEP)
Learn more about the MEP and reasons to apply through this option, as well as details of the general criteria and supporting documents for admission. We will also discuss program options and paths to achieve future career goals. Registration is required.


Mature Entry Program (MEP)

If you do not meet Concordia’s minimum academic admission requirements, you may be eligible to study at Concordia through the Mature Entry Program (MEP), based on age, experience and academic potential.

Conditions to be considered for the MEP:

Age: You must be at least 21 years old by August 1 for September entry, or December 1 for January entry.

Academic Background: You lack the normal academic requirements for admission (for example, you did not complete high school, did not attend CEGEP or started but did not complete a DEC) but you can demonstrate the ability to successfully undertake undergraduate courses.

  • If you have a completed credential but it does not meet Concordia’s minimum grade requirements, you can apply as a mature student. For example, you graduated from high school with a C- average and have been out of school for 6 years. The completed credential does not meet the minimum grade requirement (a C+ average), therefore you can apply through mature entry.
  • If you have a completed credential that meets Concordia’s minimum grade requirements, then you should not apply as a mature student. (i.e. you completed Ontario high school 10 years ago or CEGEP 5 years ago).

Period without studies: You have not studied full-time for at least 24 months since the age of 18. If you have been out of school for 12 months, you may be admitted provided your academic record for the previous 24 months is favourable. Note: Full-time studies at CEGEP is considered 7-8 courses.

Residency: You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Some exceptions may apply to students who are already living in Canada, i.e. not a permanent resident, but here on a family diplomatic permit.

Meeting these conditions does not guarantee admission to Concordia and cannot replace past low academic achievement. Each mature entry application is reviewed on an individual basis.


Required documents

Upload, along with your admissions application:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé
  • A letter of intent explaining:
    • Why have you chosen to study at university at this time. Outline the reasons for your choice of program, and your goals and aspirations.
    • Describe any experience, knowledge, or skills which you have acquired that would assist you in your studies.
  • A birth certificate or other accepted proof of age
  • Transcripts

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