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Mature entry

Minimum admission requirements for mature students

If you are over 21 years old and do not meet our normal academic admission requirements, you should consider applying to study at Concordia through the Mature Entry Program (MEP). We consider your eligibility based on your age, experience and potential. The MEP requires the successful completion of a minimum of 18 additional credits.

In order to apply to the Mature Entry Program, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be 21 years old by August 1 or December 1 for entry in September or January respectively;
  • Lack the normal academic requirements for admission, but demonstrate the ability to successfully undertake undergraduate courses;
  • Have not been engaged in full-time study for at least 24 months since the age of 18. Applicants who have been out of school for 12 months may be admitted provided their academic record for the previous 24 months is favourable;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Meeting these conditions does not guarantee admission to the University and cannot replace a poor academic record. Each mature entry application is reviewed on an individual basis.

To meet an Admissions Information Officer to discuss general admissions information, please call 514-848-2424 ext. 2668 to make an appointment.

Required admission documents

Here’s what you need to send us to apply to the Mature Entry Program:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé
  • A document grouping your answers in paragraph form for each of the following questions:
    • Why have you chosen to study at university at this time? Outline the reasons for your choice of program and your goals and/or aspirations.
    • Describe any experience, knowledge, or skills which you have acquired that would assist you in your studies.
  • A birth certificate or other acceptable proof of age
  • Transcripts
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