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Academic Planning: Course Registration

 Academic Planning: Course Registration

In school as in life, planning ahead can help you avoid unexpected detours.

Academic planning and course registration are essential to your academic success.

Finding out what courses your program requires you to take (and deciding which ones you’re interested in as electives) takes time.

Here’s how to get started

Once you have an academic plan in place, you will be ready to register for courses when the time comes!

Every year, Concordia’s class schedule is published in the first week of March. This is the best time to review the courses offered during the summer, fall and winter terms of the upcoming academic year. Keep in mind that course offerings can change from year to year, so it’s not guaranteed that the courses you need or want to take will be offered in the same semester as previous years.

Remember, academic advisors are available year-round to answer any questions you have about course selection and sequencing.

TIP: The early bird gets the worm! By adding your desired courses to your course cart in this first week of March, and taking note of your registration date (My Student Centre > Enrollment Dates), you will improve your chances of successfully registering for the courses you need!

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