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GPA – what does it mean?

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the main calculation used to determine your academic performance throughout your degree. Concordia uses letter grades (A-F) on a 4.3 GPA scale. Learn how to calculate your GPA.

The University has three different GPAs that show on a student record. Each one has a different meaning:

  • Your term GPA (TGPA) indicates your academic performance for that term. This is great to use as an indicator for future course selection.
  • Your assessment GPA (AGPA) is a calculation of grades for courses you have taken over an academic year (summer, fall and winter terms). Your AGPA determines if you can continue your studies in the next academic year. Students need at least a 2.00 to continue their studies with no conditions.
  • Your cumulative GPA(CGPA) is the ongoing GPA for all your attempted courses within your degree. Students need at least a 2.0 CGPA to graduate.

Assessment GPA

Concordia calculates the assessment GPA at the end of May if you attempted at least 12 credits between the previous summer, fall and winter terms. If you completed less than 12 credits over the academic year, no assessment would take place. Grades and credits will carry forward to the next assessment period.

Your assessment GPA determines your academic standing:

  • Acceptable standing: AGPA of 2.0 and above.
  • Conditional standing: AGPA between 1.50 - 1.99. Students in conditional standing must achieve an AGPA of 2.0 at their next annual assessment. Students cannot have two conditional standing assessments in a row – this will place you in failed standing.
  • Failed standing: AGPA below 1.50 or two consecutive conditional standing assessments. Students in failed standing must take time off from Concordia for one academic year and then apply for readmission.

Concordia University notifies students of conditional or failed standing. In this email, the university provides information on the steps students need to take in order to resume their studies.


If you have questions about your GPA or academic performance, reach out to an academic advisor! Advisors can help you:

  • Understand and protect your GPA
  • Get back on track after conditional or failed standing
  • Provide information on readmission

You can find more information on GPA and academic performance assessment in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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