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Students in failed standing

Want to be readmitted to Concordia?

If you wish to return to undergraduate studies at Concordia after being in failed standing, follow the steps outlined in the Readmission requirements video.

If you are a graduate student, contact the School of Graduate Studies.

University Skills for Success courses

You may be required to take one or both University Skills for Success courses as part of your readmission probation process.

UNSS 200 Self-Management Strategies and UNSS 201 Successful Study Strategies  will give you the tools to enhance your performance in your studies, including help with time management, career planning, dealing with stress, study skills and more ⁠— plus connect you to resources for thriving at Concordia.


We offer individualized training and guidance to help you perform at your very best in the classroom and overcome any personal academic challenges, as well as enhance your strengths and work with them.

For more information about our services, visit the Student Success Centre page. 

Academic advisors​ are here to assist you with your academic planning, from your first week at Concordia to graduation. They can help you understand your program and degree requirements, interpret university rules and regulations, protect your GPA and get back on track after failed standing.

Academic advisors can answer your specific questions regarding: program requirements, pre-requisites, course and elective choices, adding or dropping majors or minors, making changes to your program of study, and more!

You can learn more about Concordia's academic advising resources on the Academic Advising page. If you are a student in failed standing and need academic advice, please reach out to the academic advisors in your faculty.

The Student Success Centre is a team of professional staff and student employees who help you develop the skills and strategies to succeed in the classroom, no matter what your program, and help prepare you for life beyond university. Our team includes Learning Specialists who can work with you on your specific academic challenges, Peer Writing Assistants who support you to improve your written assignments, and Peer Math Assistants to help you develop your problem solving techniques.

Each student has their own set of criteria to fulfil in order to get in acceptable standing. These criteria depend on your individual situation and how your Faculty sees the best way to get you back on track. Keep in touch with the office of your Faculty (see the right column of this page for their contact information).

Some students may be required to take one or both UNSS classes as part of their readmission probation process. UNSS 200 and 201 are classes that will give you the tools necessary to help you enhance your performance in your studies including help with time management, career planning, dealing with stress, study skills and more, and help you find resources available to you to ensure you thrive at Concordia.

Conditional standing results when a student obtains an AGPA of less than 2.00, but at least 1.50. Two consecutive conditional standing assessments result in a failed standing. Students in conditional standing should contact their faculty or department. 

Failed standing results when a student obtains an AGPA of less than 1.50, or conditional standing in two consecutive periods of assessment. Failed students may not write supplemental examinations. Failed students are required to withdraw from their program.

Are you in conditional standing? Learn more

This course is not recognized as part of the course credit requirements for government student aid. For example: for loan programs requiring students to study full time (a minimum of 12 credits per term), a student will need to take 12 credits in addition to the 1.5 credits from the UNSS course.

If your faculty offers you readmission on a part-time basis, you should be aware of the consequences part-time registration may have.

As an international student, part-time studies can impact your immigration status and eligibility for various immigration programs. For example, you must maintain full-time student status in Canada in order to:

For guidance on how part-time studies may impact your immigration status and eligibility for immigration programs, email the International Students Office.

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