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Administrative staff

Name Extension
Julie Foisy, Director, Student Success Centre 3921
Nancy Favron, Supervisor, Administrative Operations and Special projects 3921
Debbie Arless, Administrative Coordinator 3921
Hao Patrick Peng, Service Assistant 7345
Jason Mitchell, Service Assistant 3921

Career and Planning Services

Name Extension
Robert Taliano, Manager, Career & Planning Services 7353
Marian Pinsky, Administrative and Events Assistant 5336
Kristel Kabigting, Career Advisor 7366
Antonella Nizzola, Career Advisor 7349
Julia Stein, Career Advisor 4423
Sarah Sullivan, Career Advisor 7346

Career Counselling and Educational Transition Services

Name Extension
Antoine Beauchemin, Manager, Career Counselling & Educational Transition Services 3542
Shadi Asadollahi, Career Counsellor 8854
Meghan Atherton, Career Counsellor 7387
Barbara Tremblay, Career Counsellor 3557

Learning services

Name Extension
Juliet Dunphy, Manager, Student Learning Services 3552
Richard Greco, Coordinator, Student Learning Services
Haleh Raissadat, Learning Specialist, Math and Engineering 2123
Courtney MacDonald, Learning Specialist 4382
Jennifer Banton, Learning Specialist
Agnes Zagury, Learning Specialist, Learning Disabilities 8676

First Year Experience

Name Extension
Margaret Colton, Manager, First Year Experience 3921
Salma Adem, Coordinator, New Student Outreach Initiatives 3475
Vanessa Di Francesco, Coordinator, New Student Events and Programming, on leave -
Shanna Lee, Coordinator, First Year Experience 3921

FutureBound program

Name Extension
Andrea Taylor, Lead, FutureBound Program

Student Advocacy Office

Name Extension
Caroline Danis, Student Advocate and Academic Integrity Coordinator, Student Advocacy Office, on leave
Allison Correia, Interim Coordinator 5154

Indigenous Bridging Program

Name Extension
Saba Din, Project Coordinator, Indigenous Bridging Program 3921

Contact us

514-848-2424, ext. 3921 / 7345


Sir George Williams Campus
Room H-745

Loyola Campus
Room AD-103

Office hours

Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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