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Degree transfer, program and concentration changes

Degree transfer and program changes

When you first applied to Concordia, you chose a degree and a concentration in a program of study based on many personal and professional goals and interests, as well as your academic background.

Sometimes midway through a course of study, a student will decide they’d like to make a change: Either to a new type of degree, a new program, or a new concentration.

There are processes for each of these changes.

Degree transfer

As an undergraduate student working on a bachelor’s degree, you are enrolled in one of the following degree programs that Concordia offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BComm)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc)
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Degree transfers occur when you want to change degrees (for example, from a BA to a BSc).

This process is like the admission process you went through when you first applied to Concordia. In some cases, the new degree may require additional documents or specific courses, please check the requirements.

Deadlines to apply for degree transfers are November 1 for the winter term (except for Fine Arts) and March 1 for the fall term.

Program changes

Under each kind of degree, there are numerous programs of study. Some examples are Anthropology (BA), Marketing (BComm), Computer Games Option (BCompSc), Teaching English as a Second Language (BEd), Mechanical Engineering (BEng), Painting (BFA) or Biology (BSc).

If you wish to change to a different program of study within the same degree program to which you were admitted, you must request a program change. (For example, this might mean a switch from Marketing to Finance, both of which are in the BComm degree program, or Physics to Biology both of which are in the BSc degree program.)

The process of changing programs within the same degree program varies by degree program:

Concentration changes

Each program of study has a concentration, which is the type of academic program you are completing:

  • Honours (60+ credits)
  • Specialization (60+ credits)
  • Major (36-60 credits depending on your Faculty)
  • Minor (12-30 credits depending on your Faculty).

You may wish to keep working on your same program of study, but change your concentration (for example, from Major to Specialization). To do this, you will follow the same process as the one for changing your program of study. Refer to the steps above in the Program changes section for the process specific to your degree program.


Remember, whether you’re considering a degree transfer, program or concentration change, advisors are available to assist you in making these decisions. For contact information, please see below:

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