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University or college transfer

Virtual information session

Transferring from another institution

Learn more about applying to an undergraduate program at Concordia as a transfer student from another university or college!

We’ll walk you through the transfer process, providing helpful information on admission criteria, prerequisites, evaluation of transfer credits and completing your degree at Concordia. You’ll come away from the session feeling prepared for the application process. Registration is required.

NOTE: This session is not intended for current Concordia students, CEGEP applicants or students applying for a second degree.

Transfer applicants from colleges and universities

If you’re interested in transferring to Concordia from another institution, we will consider your transfer application on the basis of both your university or college studies and your prior studies. The minimum grade required for consideration for admission is a C average. For the admission averages for your program of interest, please consult our A-Z program list.

Transfer credit

Academic credit may be awarded for university-level courses that are equivalent to Concordia courses and appropriate to the program to which you are applying. These may be courses completed within an undergraduate degree program, certificate or independent study. The number of credits awarded depends on the nature, quality and quantity of the work completed. You will be placed at an appropriate level within your chosen program. A minimum of 45 credits, and in some cases 60 credits, must be taken at Concordia to complete your degree.

Evaluation of transfer credit

Your Offer of Admission may have included general transfer credits. These may not all apply towards your program requirements. You can request specific course credit for courses equivalent to Concordia courses once you have received an Offer of Admission, paid the confirmation fee and have provided all the necessary documents, including official transcripts. You must submit your request for transfer credits within one year of starting your degree program.

Please consult the instructions on how to prepare and submit your transfer credit requests. These instructions differ depending on the Faculty or School in which your program is housed.

Already a Concordia student? — Internal degree transfer

Are you a Concordia student currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree and wish to apply for a transfer into a different Bachelor’s degree?  (e.g. from a Bachelor of Commerce to Bachelor of Fine Arts or from Bachelor of Arts  to a Bachelor of Engineering). If you wish to apply to transfer from one degree to another, view How to request an undergraduate degree transfer.

NOTE: If you are currently in a Certificate or are Independent student who wishes to apply to enter a Bachelor’s program you must apply for admission.

Degree transfer deadlines

(for currently registered Concordia students in a Bachelor’s degree program)

  Summer Term Fall Term Winter Term
Faculty of Arts and Science N/A March 1 November 1
Gina Cody School of Engineering and
Computer Science*
March 1 November 1
Faculty of Fine Arts N/A March 1 N/A
John Molson School of Business N/A March 1 November 1

*Applications to Computation Arts must be submitted by the deadline dates stipulated by the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Late applications will be considered if places are still available for the fall term only.

Degree transfer requirements

(for currently registered Concordia students in a Bachelor’s degree program)

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