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University or college transfer

Virtual information sessions

Transferring from another institution

Learn more about applying to an undergraduate program at Concordia as a transfer student from another university or college!

We’ll walk you through the transfer process, providing helpful information on admission criteria, prerequisites, evaluation of transfer credits and completing your degree at Concordia. You’ll come away from the session feeling prepared for the application process. Registration is required.

NOTE: This session is not intended for current Concordia students, CEGEP applicants or students applying for a second degree.

Transfer applicants from colleges and universities

If you’re interested in transferring to Concordia from another institution, we will consider your transfer application on the basis of both your university or college studies and your prior studies. The minimum grade required for consideration for admission is a C average in your post-secondary studies. To see the required average for admission to you program of interest, please consult our A-Z program list.

Applying to Concordia as a transfer student

The first step to transferring to Concordia is completing an application for admission. Transfer students submit the same application as all other applicants; there is no separate procedure. In order to be assessed, you will need to provide copies of your student records for all post-secondary studies as well as your prior studies.

Arts and Science & Fine Arts

Applicants to programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Fine Arts

  • The Admissions Office will evaluate your application and may award general transfer credits based on the nature, quality and quantity of the work previously completed. Your Offer of Admission will include information about the number of credits you are eligible to have transferred to your record at Concordia. These credits may be general and may not all apply towards fulfilling your program requirements, depending on the residency and curriculum rules of the program you have been admitted to.
  • If you have been granted general transfer credits, you can submit a request to have these evaluated for equivalency to specific Concordia courses. These requests must be made directly to your faculty; instructions for requesting specific course credits are below.

John Molson School of Business & Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Students entering these faculties are not granted transfer credits on their Offer of Admission. After you have accepted your offer and paid your confirmation fee, you may request credit for specific courses required by your program. These requests are made directly to your faculty, not to the Admissions Office. Instructions on how to request transfer credits from your faculty are below.
IMPORTANT NOTE for all transfer students: A minimum of 45 credits, and in some cases 60 credits, must be taken at Concordia to complete your degree.

Requesting credit for program-specific courses (newly admitted students)

Newly admitted students who have been accepted into a program may submit requests to their respective faculties for credit toward their course requirements. You may be asked to submit course outlines or other material demonstrating the content of the courses you took for which you’re seeking credit.

Requests to receive credit for specific courses should ideally be completed before the start of your first term, so that you can plan your course sequence and registration accordingly. Requests for transfer credits will only be accepted within one year of starting your degree program.

Faculty of Arts and Science students who wish to request transfer credits for courses completed at other educational institutions should follow the instructions below.

Please complete the Admission Transfer Credit Form and submit it, and all supporting documentation such as detailed course outlines/syllabi of the courses completed at previous universities, to your department or the department offering the course(s) in question. Advisors can be found under Department Advisor.

Admission Transfer Credit Form guideline

The Faculty of Arts and Science's Admission Transfer Credit Form is intended for newly admitted students who have previous post-secondary studies (university or college) and who may be entitled to receive transfer credits and/or exemptions, at Concordia University. “GENL” transfer credits from incomplete CEGEP studies will not be considered for course specification by discipline (e.g., SOCI). The credits will count as general elective credits (they do not satisfy the General Education or 24 credit requirement of your degree, however.)

Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Review the course descriptions for the program you have been admitted to. This information can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.
  2. If there are courses taken at your past academic institution(s) that you believe are equivalent to courses that are a part of your program at Concordia University, and you earned a grade of C- or higher, you should:
    1. Complete an Admission Transfer Credit Form. Read the instructions carefully. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
    2. Attach a detailed copy of course outlines/syllabi including information on the textbook(s) used for the course (ie. Author, title, date and publisher of the textbook if available), as well as a breakdown of the weekly topics covered in the course. Outlines which are considered acceptable are those distributed to you at the start of the semester, those taken from the institutions’ course calendar or downloaded from the institutions’ website (if these are detailed enough).
    3. In addition, please include any information on your program which may assist us in the processing of your request such as, program description and requirements, web site address, etc.
    4. Should additional information be required, you will be notified in writing by your faculty advisor.
    5. If these outlines/syllabi are in a language other than French or English, they must be accompanied by certified translations.
    6. Information on other documents that must be included are listed in the “Guidelines” section of the Student Request Form.
  3. Following evaluation of the material submitted to your department, you will be notified of any changes with respect to transfer credits and/or exemptions by email. Please note that such evaluations take a minimum of 2 weeks to process.

Course outlines/syllabi that do not meet with the above criteria will not be evaluated.

John Molson School of Business students: You may be eligible to receive transfer credits and/or exemptions for completed post-secondary studies. You are required to submit a John Molson School of Business Transfer Credit Request form to have these evaluated for equivalency to specific JMSB courses and/or general elective courses. Each request is considered on its merits and evaluated on the content, character, quality, and quantity of work completed at the accredited institution.

To submit your request form, complete the second page (electronically or manually) and forward it to along with copies of detailed course outlines/syllabi of the courses you completed at the previous university or college.

Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science newly admitted students who have previous post-secondary studies (university or college) and who may be entitled to receive transfer credits and/or exemptions should complete the form on the link below. Instructions and information are detailed on the form.

Due to specific program requirements, not all transfer credits awarded to newly admitted students in the Faculty of Fine Arts for work previously completed at another educational institution may be used. If you wish to have a preliminary assessment confirming the placement of your transfer credits in your program, please complete the following form below.

Already a Concordia student? — Internal degree transfer

Are you a Concordia student currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree and wish to apply for a transfer into a different Bachelor’s degree? (E.g. from a Bachelor of Commerce to Bachelor of Fine Arts, or from Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Engineering.) If you wish to apply to transfer from one degree to another, view How to request an undergraduate degree transfer.

NOTE: If you are currently in a Certificate or are Independent student who wishes to enter a Bachelor’s program you must apply for admission as a current or former Concordia student.


(for currently registered Concordia students in a Bachelor’s degree program)

  Summer Term Fall Term Winter Term
Faculty of Arts and Science N/A March 1 November 1
Gina Cody School of Engineering and
Computer Science*
March 1 November 1
Faculty of Fine Arts N/A March 1 N/A
John Molson School of Business N/A March 1 November 1

*Applications to Computation Arts must be submitted by the deadline dates stipulated by the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Late applications will be considered if places are still available for the fall term only.


(for currently registered Concordia students in a Bachelor’s degree program)

For the minimum grade required to be considered for transfer into the Faculty of Arts and Science (or for those seeking to transfer from Arts to Science or vice-versa), please consult the admissions section for the program to which you are applying. Many programs in Arts and Science are subject to limited enrolment. Please note that some programs have additional requirements, e.g. interview, letter of intent, portfolio. It is your responsibility to verify if your program has additional requirements.

Applicants seeking transfer to competitive Engineering programs should have completed a number of the required prerequisites with above average grades prior to applying for transfer.

For the minimum grade required to be considered for transfer, please consult the admissions section for the program to which you are applying. All programs in the Faculty are competitive; therefore, meeting the minimum cumulative/annual GPA requirement does not guarantee entry into competitive programs. Grades obtained in prerequisite courses and core program courses will carry significant weight in this decision.

Entry is selective and competitive and in most areas is based on a portfolio and/or interview and/or audition. As there is a quota for each program in the Faculty of Fine Arts, it is not possible to indicate a grade requirement. The final selection will be influenced by the number of available places and the number and quality of applicants.

Deadline dates for the submission of portfolios or to arrange interviews and/or auditions vary by department. For specific information on portfolio/interview/audition requirements and deadline dates, applicants should consult the specific department in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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