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Implications of tuition changes

The Government of Quebec plans to increase tuition rates for students from outside Quebec starting in fall 2024. Understand whether these measures apply to you.

Who is affected

Effective fall 2024, new students from outside Quebec who plan on undertaking an undergraduate program (e.g. bachelor) or course-based/non-thesis (professional) master's-level program will be subject to higher fees.

Tuition for out-of-province students will be about $17,000 (up from $8,992).

Tuition for a small number of international students (those entering course-based/non-thesis (professional) master's programs) may increase. All other programs will remain under the existing tuition fee structure. Additional details to come.

Important note: if you are a new graduate student offered fall 2024 admission, Concordia will honour the tuition rate indicated in your offer letter.

Who is exempt?

The tuition increase does not apply to you if you started your studies in Quebec before fall 2024, provided you remain in your current program, to a maximum of five years. 

If you start your studies after fall 2024, you will avoid the tuition increase if you:

Example situations

If you apply and qualify as a Quebec resident, you will pay the Quebec resident rate, which remains unchanged.

We recommend you not defer your admission, if possible. If you start in the Fall 2024 term, you will be subject to the new, higher fee structure, unless you meet one of the exemption criteria above.

Yes, provided you meet all the criteria for Quebec residency. Please note that should you establish Quebec residency during your studies, the change in tuition rates will not be retroactive.

  • No, if you plan on pursuing a research-based Master's degree
  • Yes, if you plan on pursuing a professional Master’s degree (e.g. MEng or MBA)

Please watch this page for more answers to frequently asked questions.

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