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Department Advisors

Department advisors are available in every department of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Department advisors help students to:

Departments offer advising on a drop-in or appointment basis. Please visit your department website or call for more information.

Department contacts


Email contact

Advisor name

Applied Human Sciences

Alison Piela

Arts and Science SAS advisor


Leonie Morris

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry Advisor Environmental and Sustainability Science Advisor

Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Sandra Woywod-Page

Silvana Novembre
modern languages and placement tests

Communication Studies

Marcella Di Claudio


Melissa Faisal
registration/student request information

Ivan Tchinkov


Nairi Agop - TESL (all)

Sheri Bernier
(ECEE, Child Studies, Minor in Education & Adult Education)

Nina Padden - ESL and placement testing


Darragh Languay - English Literature

Angela Alleyne - Creative Writing

Beth Crevier - general information Dr. Maggie McDonnell - Professional Writing Minor Program and any English Composition courses

Etudes françaises

Leandro Cuzzocrea - general information

Nikolas Romero - Translation programs

Malek Garci - FRAA, FRAN, FLIT, placement tests

Geography, Planning and Environment

Marilyn Malofy

Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Robert Panenic


Shannon McSheffrey

Wilson Chacko Jacob

Irish Studies

Matina Skalkogiannis


Kathleen Glustein

Liberal Arts College

Sita Zarrabian

Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability

Rebecca Tittler

Mathematics and Statistics

Please see website for different programs


Candace Mooers & Ulf Hlobil

Candace Mooers


Matthew Storms

Political Science

Steven Hirst - to book appointments


Amanda Rosen - advising appointments, new students, student requests

Karen Holder - student requests, registration issues

Religions and Cultures

Munit Merid

School of Community and Public Affairs

Perry Calce

Science College Vikas Nehra
Science Foundation SAS advisor

Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Belinda Bowes (WSDB)

Marlihan Lopez (SSDB)

Sociology and Anthropology

Victoria Palmer

Student Academic Services

Shoshana Kalfon

Theology Guylaine Lemay
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