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Advising, forms & support

From January 6 to February 2, all instruction will be delivered remotely, with the exception of certain labs. In-person classes are scheduled to resume on February 3. Refer to the Concordia COVID FAQ for more information.

The Department of Economics will be offering a mix of in-person, blended, and online classes (ECON) this Winter. View our course listings here.


If you are a newly admitted undergraduate student for January 2022, you must watch the online orientation video before being allowed to register for courses.

Follow this link to watch the video. Once you are done, make sure to fill out the form on the same page with your name and student ID, as we are not automatically notified when a student is done watching the video.

Watching the orientation video is mandatory before being allowed to register for your courses. You must also accept your offer of admission and pay the confirmation fee in your Student Centre.

The Undergraduate Program Assistant will unblock you once you have watched the video (please expect a 48-hour delay before you get unblocked). You will then be able to first access your course cart, then register for your Winter term courses. Students admited for January 2022 may add courses until January 19, 2022, assuming that all advising and admission requirements have been met. Assistance during the holiday break can be found via the Welcome Crew mentors.

Prior to watching the video

  • Familiarize yourself with the Undergraduate Program Calendar and the Class Schedule before the start of classes. We also encourage you to download your program's Degree requirements fillable form available on this page.
  • Review this document for more information about understanding your offer of admission.
  • Download the the Degree requirements PDF for your program prior to the session: these documents are available on this page.
  • You may download the orientation presentation to review on your own time.
The video provides important information on degree requirements, course prerequisites and Concordia’s academic regulations. Pay close attention to course equivalences and exemptions in order to avoid unnecessarily repeating equivalent courses and possibly delaying graduation. Since most Economics courses have to be taken in sequence, the Director will suggest a list of courses to take in the first year in order to progress in a timely fashion through the program.

If you need help, please contact:

Melissa Faisal
Undergraduate Program Assistant 
H 1155.55
514-848-2424, ext. 3903


Until further notice, Academic Advising will be available to current students via drop-in private zoom sessions. Please sign-up for advising using the link provided in the calendar below. Upon signing in to Zoom on one of the times provided, students will go into a queue, and will stay in the Zoom Waiting Room until called in by the advisor. The advisor will admit one student at a time.

Please contact Melissa Faisal, Undergraduate Program Assistant, for the following:

Please read the instructions on the forms carefully before submitting your request. Kindly include your full name and student ID in every communication with the Department of Economics. You should receive a response within two business days.


See the Guidelines on the MA Research Paper (ECON 703) and the MA Thesis (ECON 705) and a list of past Research Papers.

If you need help, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant who will direct you. If you are a new graduate student, you can also consult the following resources:

For more questions or for assistance with registration, please contact:


Elise M. Melancon
Graduate Program Assistant
H 1155-53
514-848-2424, ext. 3901

You may also book an appointment with the Graduate Program Director:

Christian Sigouin
Graduate Program Director

No in-person appointments are offered at this time. To book a phone or teleconference Zoom appointment with Dr. Sigouin, please go to and indicate your phone number or write ‘Zoom’, and he will contact you to confirm the date and time of your appointment. Please make sure to download the free Zoom app on your phone or computer before your appointment.  

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