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Our research is widely recognized for its accent on interdisciplinary thinking in teaching, training and research-creation. Concordia’s Arts and Science research activity is supported by funding from all three Tri-Council agencies, CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC, their Quebec counterparts, FRQ-S, FRQ-NT, and FRQ-SC, as well as leading public and private entities, both national and international.

Featured Research Chairs & Researchers

Dajana Vuckovic

Dajana Vuckovic

Learn more about Vuckovic
Kassandra Spooner-Lockyer & Corey Tanner

Isaac Blaise Djoko

Learn more about Djoko
Mireille Paquet

Mireille Paquet

Learn more about Paquet
Ann-Louise Davidson

Stefanie Duguay

Learn more about Duguay
Leonard Sklar

Elizabeth Fast

Learn more about Fast
Ben Eppinger

Rachel Mansbach

Learn more about Mansbach

“As a graduate student I was engaged in a community of high-calibre researchers, and I knew that amazing discoveries were taking place just down the hall.”

– Arun Dayanandan (BSc 17, MSc 22)

“I loved the research so much that I wanted to stay for a graduate degree!”

– PhD student Gabi Mandl (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

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