Concordia University


  • Abrami, Philip C.
    Director & Professor, Education

    Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Quantitative Synthesis
  • Acland, Charles R.
    Professor, Communication Studies

    Media and Cultural Theory, Film and Moving Image Studies, Cultural History, Audiovisual Technology, Popular Culture, Taste Formations
  • Amir, Shimon
    Professor, Psychology
    Director, Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology (CSBN)
    Professor (Cross Appointment), Biology
    Professor (Cross Appointment), Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Behavioral and molecular neuroscience of circadian rhythms
  • Arshad-Ayaz, Adeela
    Associate Professor, Education

    Sociology of Education, Sociology of Technology/Critical Social Media Education, Citizenship/ Extremism and Radicalization, Foundations of Education, Comparative and International Education, Globalization and Education, Critical Pedagog
  • Bachewich, Catherine
    Affiliate Associate Professor, Biology

    Regulation of the cell cycle, development and virulence in fungi
  • Bale, Alan
    Associate Professor, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

  • Barker, Erin
    Assistant Professor, Psychology

  • Barker, Matthew
    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Ethics of Biotechnology, Virtue Ethics and Well-being
  • Belkhodja, Chedly
    Principal and Professor, School of Community and Public Affairs
    Directeur et professeur, School of Community and Public Affairs

  • Bertola, Marco
    Full Professor (reduced teaching load), Mathematics and Statistics

  • Best, Beverley
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Political Economy, Marxist Theory, Cultural and Critical Theory
  • Bherer, Louis
    Professor, Psychology
    Scientific Director and Chair in Preventive Health Science Research PERFORM Centre
    Chercheur au centre de recherche de l'institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal, Select One

  • Bianco, Theresa
    Assistant Professor, Psychology

  • Bianucci, Pablo
    Associate Professor, Physics
    Graduate Program Director, Physics

    Micro- and nano-photonics, semiconductor nanostructures, optics
  • Bilodeau, Antoine
    Professor, Political Science

    Canadian politics, immigration and political behaviors.
  • Biron, Pascale
    Professor and Chair, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Hydro-geomorphology and river dynamics, River management in agricultural watersheds, Geographical Information Systems, Morphodynamic numerical modelling, Stream restoration for fish habitat.
  • Boulanger, Pier-Pascale
    Professeure titulaire, Études françaises

    Discours financier en traduction dans la presse canadienne
  • Brett, Christopher L
    Associate Professor, Biology
    Co-Director, Centre for Microscopy & Cellular Imaging

    Lysosome biology, membrane trafficking, membrane fusion, nutrient and ion transport, aging
  • Brown, Grant E
    Professor, Biology

    Behavioural ecology, Chemical ecology, Predator-prey interactions, Cognitive ecology, Trinidadian guppies, Atlantic salmon, Convict cichlids
  • Bukowski, William Michael
    Professor, Psychology
    Professor, Loyola International College

    Peer Relations, Social Development, Origins of Psychopathology, Culture, Economic Inequality, Early Adolescence, Studying Change
  • Byers-Heinlein, Krista
    Associate Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Bilingualism, Psychology

    language acquisition; bilingualism; infancy & childhood; language disorders; development
  • Cahill, Susan
    Literature, School of Irish Studies

  • Capobianco, John
    Professor and Concordia University Research Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Nanomaterials, upconversion, lanthanides, bioimaging, drug delivery, photodynamic therapy, physical inorganic, optical spectroscopy, persistent luminescence.
  • Caquard, Sébastien
    Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Cartography, GIS, Mapping narratives, Cinematic cartography, Geoweb, Geomedia
  • Cardoso, Walcir
    Professor, Education

    Applied Linguistics, Bilingualism, e-Learning, Language Acquisition, Learning Strategies, Methodology, Second Language Learning
  • Champagne, Alexandre
    Associate Professor, Physics
    Concordia University Research Chair (Tier II) in Nanoelectronics and Quantum Materials
    Chair, Physics

  • Chang-Kredl, Sandra
    Associate Professor, Education
    Interim Director, Individualized Program (INDI), School of Graduate Studies

  • Chapman, Andrew
    Professor, Psychology

    Analysis of synaptic mechanisms of learning and memory using electrophysiological and pharmacological techniques.
  • Chaudhri, Nadia
    Associate Professor, Psychology
    FRQS Chercheur-Boursier, Junior 1

  • Cleghorn, Ailie
    Professor, Education

  • Consalvo, Mia
    Professor and Canada Research Chair In Game Studies & Design, Communication Studies

    game studies, qualitative research methods, new media, popular culture.
  • Cuccia, Louis
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Dafni, Galia
    Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Dang-Vu, Thanh
    Associate Professor & Concordia University Research Chair in Sleep, Neuroimaging and Cognitive Health, Exercise Science

    Sleep, Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Neuroimaging, Electroencephalography, Cognition, Neurodegeneration, Preventive Health, Dementia, Clinical Trials, Biomarkers
  • Darlington, Peter
    Associate Professor, Exercise Science

    Immunology and autonomic nervous system
  • David, Chantal
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • David, Sylvain
    Professeur titulaire, Études françaises

  • Dayanandan, Selvadurai Daya
    Professor, Biology
    Interim Chair, Biology

    Genomics of forest trees and understanding the causes and consequences of deforestation and forest fragmentation.
  • de Almeida, Roberto G.
    Associate Professor, Psychology

  • Despland, Emma
    Associate Professor, Biology

    Individual behaviour in insect-plant interactions, and its role in population-level processes
  • DeWolf, Christine
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    biophysical chemistry, model membranes, Langmuir monolayers, liposomes, environmental pollutants, nanopatterning, lipid-protein interactions
  • Didur, Jill
    Professor and Graduate Program Director, English

    postcolonial studies / environmental humanities / South Asian literature / media studies / globalization & diaspora
  • Dovonon, Prosper
    Associate Professor, Economics

  • Dunfield, Kristen
    Assistant Professor, Psychology

  • Ellenbogen, Mark
    Associate Professor, Psychology

  • English, Ann
    Professor Emeritus and Honorary Concordia University Research Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Analytical, Biophysical, Proteomics, Bioinorganic, Mass Spectrometry.
  • Forgione, Pat
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Catalysis, Drug Discovery
  • Frank, Marcie
    Professor, English

    Restoration & 18th century British literature / drama / the novel / literary criticism / 20th century American popular culture / media theory
  • Frank, Mariana
    Professor, Physics

  • Fraser, Dylan
    Associate Professor, Biology

    Evolutionary applications to conservation biology; fisheries and wildlife management; population and quantitative genetics; molecular ecology.
  • Fritsch, Matthias
    Professor, Philosophy

    Contemporary European Philosophy (in particular Critical Theory, Deconstruction); Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Environmental Philosophy
  • Gabriele, Sandra
    Chair, Communication Studies
    Associate Professor, Communication Studies

    news forms (journalism studies); newsgames; media history; feminist media studies; game studies
  • Gagnon, Monika
    Professor, Communication Studies

    experimental media arts; alternative media; Expo 67; research and research-creation methods; identity and cultural politics
  • Gaillardetz, Patrice
    Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Garrido, Jose
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Gauthier, Claudine
    Assistant Professor, Physics
    Co-op Director, Physics

  • Gauvreau, Danielle
    Professor & Chair, Sociology and Anthropology

    Demography, History of Quebec/Canadian Population, Family
  • Gora, Pawel
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Gossage, Peter
    Professor, History

  • Gouin, Jean-Philippe
    Associate Professor, Psychology

    Stress, depression, insomnia, social support, dyadic coping, autonomic functioning, psychoneuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology
  • Grant, James
    Professor, Biology

    The distribution of resources in space and time and their influences on the aggressiveness of animals
  • Grova, Christophe
    Associate Professor, Physics
    Undergraduate Lab Director, Physics

  • Gulick, Patrick
    Department Chair and Professor, Biology

    Genomic analysis of environmental stress-tolerance in plants.
  • Gurnsey, Rick
    Professor, Psychology

  • Hall, Richard
    Professor Emeritus, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Harnad, John P.
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Hele, Karl
    Associate Professor and Director of First Peoples Studies, School of Community and Public Affairs
    Professeur Directeur du programme des Peuples autochtones, School of Community and Public Affairs

  • Hetherington, Kregg
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Environment and Infrastructure, Politics, Bureaucracy
  • Hilgers, Tina
    Associate Professor, Political Science

    Comparative Politics; Informal Politics; Clientelism; Urban Violence; Developing Areas; Latin America; Mexico; Brazil
  • Howe, Nina
    Professor, Education

  • Howes, David
    Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    The Body and Senses, Law and Society, Culture and Commerce, Art and Aesthetics
  • Hunter, Andrea
    Undergraduate Program Director and Associate Professor, Journalism

  • Hyndman, Cody
    Associate Professor and Chair, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Iordanova, Mihaela D.
    Assistant Professor, Psychology

    learning and memory, prediction error, extinction and behavioural modification, high-density neuronal recording during behaviour, optogenetics, chemogenetics, fear, reward
  • Iovita, Adrian
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Isac, Dana
    Associate Professor, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

  • Jaeger, Jochen A. G.
    Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director (MEnv Program), Geography, Planning and Environment

    Landscape ecology, including road ecology, Quantification and assessment of landscape structure and landscape change, Urban sprawl, Ecological modelling, Impact assessment.
  • Jebali, Adel
    Professeur agrégé, Études françaises

  • Johnson, Aaron
    Associate Professor, Psychology

    Vision, Scene perception, Attention, Eye movements, Low vision, Macular degeneration, vision rehabilitation, Useful Field of View, EEG.
  • Joyce, Paul
    Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Dean of Arts & Science (Office)

    Biochemistry, Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular/Cell Biology.
  • Kaell, Hillary
    Assistant Professor, Religions and Cultures

    North American Christianity - Anthropology of Christianity - Material culture & consumption - Globalism
  • Kairouz, Sylvia
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Youth, Addictive Behaviours, Population Health
  • Kalman, Laszlo
    Associate Professor, Physics
    Fellow, Science College
    Academic Adviser and Undergraduate Program Director (2017-18), Physics

  • Kay, Linda
    Professor, Journalism
    Graduate Diploma Director, Journalism

    Female pioneers in Journalism; Reporting on Traumatic Events
  • Kelly, James B.
    Professor, Political Science

    Canadian and Comparative Judicial Politics; Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Kokotov, Alexey
    Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Kornblatt, Judith
    Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Korotkin, Dmitry
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Lachapelle, Guy
    Professor, Political Science

    Public policy and political communication
  • Lafrance, Marc
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Self, Body, Gender, Sexuality, Popular Media, Cultural Theory
  • Lamoureux, Guillaume
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Fellow, Science College

    Molecular Modeling, Computational Chemistry, Structural Bioinformatics
  • Lee, Jin Suk
    Assistant Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Plant Science and Biotechnology, Biology

    Signal transduction pathways controlling plant growth and development
  • Lehrer, Erica
    Associate Professor, History
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Canada Research Chair in Museum & Heritage Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies

    (Cross appointed in History) Memory/Heritage/Museums, Jewish culture
  • Leroux, Louis Patrick
    Professor, English
    Professeur titulaire, Études françaises

  • Lessard, Jean-Philippe
    Assistant Professor, Biology

    Community ecology and biogeography, Biodiversity, Entomology
  • Li, Karen
    Professor, Psychology

    Aging, executive functions, motor control, training
  • Linds, Warren S.
    Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences

    Arts based research and Wellbeing of Indigenous Youth Ethical Considerations of Arts Based Research Creative Practices in Teaching in Higher Education Facilitation Skills Ethical Know How
  • Lkhagvasuren, Damba
    Associate Professor, Economics

  • Mailhot, Mélina
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Maillé, Chantal
    Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Womens Studies

  • Marcotte, Sophie
    Professeure titulaire, Études françaises
    Directrice du laboratoire NT2-Concordia

  • Marier, Patrik
    Professor, Political Science
    Research Chair in Aging and Public Policy, Political Science

    Public Policy; Public Administration; Social Gerontology; Social Policies; Pension Policies; Comparative Public Policy
  • Martin, Vincent
    Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Microbial Engineering and Synthetic Biology, Biology

    Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of natural products. Microbial evolutionary engineering
  • Matthews, Damon
    Professor and Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Climate change, global climate modelling, climate impacts, allowable emissions for climate mitigation targets, national contributions to climate change
  • McDonough, Kim
    Professor, Education

  • McGaughey, Jane G. V.
    Diaspora Studies, School of Irish Studies

  • McGrath, Jennifer J.
    Associate Professor, Psychology

  • McKelvey, Fenwick
    Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

    Algorithmic Media, Critical Approaches to Social Media and Big Data, Internet Policy, Digital Political Communication, Network Neutrality
  • McLaughlin, Daniel
    Professor, Biology

    Ecology, biology, pathogenesis, and systematics of waterfowl helminths; host-parasite responses of larval helminths and and crustaceans
  • McSheffrey, Shannon
    Professor, History

  • Mendell, Marguerite
    Professor, School of Community and Public Affairs
    Professeure, School of Community and Public Affairs

    Social finance; impact investing; co-construction of public policy; the commons; Karl Polanyi studies; the social and solidarity economy in Quebec and internationally
  • Miller, Elizabeth L.
    Professor, Communication Studies

    New media, environment, interactive documentary, human rights, community based research, participatory documentary, feminist media, climate change, refugee youth, research-creation
  • Misra, Sushil K.
    Professor, Physics

  • Mulrennan, Monica E.
    Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Indigenous resource management, Community-based conservation, Local adaptation to environmental change, Protected areas.
  • Mumby, David
    Professor, Psychology

  • Namaste, Viviane
    Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Womens Studies

  • Naudillon, Françoise
    Professeure agrégée, Études françaises

  • O'Connor, Roisin
    Associate Professor, Psychology

    alcohol misuse, alcohol use disorder, anxiety, personality, cognition, cognitive behaviour therapy, young adult transitions, Indigenous youth well-being
  • Oh, Jung Kwon (John)
    Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Organic and polymer chemistry, Polymer synthesis and characterization, Materials science, biomedical applications, drug delivery
  • Orr, Leslie
    Professor, Religions and Cultures

    Religious & social history of medieval Tamil Nadu; women in pre-colonial India; temple architecture & epigraphy; interactions among and sectarianism in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism
  • Osana, Helena
    Associate Professor, Education

  • Ottenwaelder, Xavier
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Inorganic chemistry, oxidation chemistry, catalysis, aerobic reactions, coordination complexes, organic transformations
  • Paquet, Mireille
    Assistant Professor, Political Science

    Public Policy, Immigration and integration, Canadian and provincial politics.
  • Pawelek, Peter
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Bacterial iron uptake, molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, protein-protein interactions, membrane proteins, biophysical chemistry, protein chemistry, phage display, X-ray crystallography.
  • Penhune, Virginia
    Professor and Chair, Psychology

    Brain plasticity related to motor learning. Emphasis on musical expertise and development. Structural and functional brain imaging. Auditory-motor integration and timing.
  • Peslherbe, Gilles
    Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Director, Centre for Research in Molecular Modeling (CERMM)

    Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Molecular and Reaction Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Materials Science, Chemical Biology, Photochemistry and Ultrasfast Spectroscopy, Chemical Physics
  • Petrakos, Harriet
    Associate Professor, Education

  • Pfaus, James G.
    Professor, Psychology
    Concordia University Research Fellow
    Cross-appointment (Graduate Program), Biology
    Cross-appointment (Graduate Program), Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Cross-appointment (Graduate Program), Exercise Science

    Neurochemical and molecular events that subserve sexual behavior and neuroendocrine functions
  • Phillips, Natalie
    Professor, Psychology

    Neuropsychology, Cognition, Aging, Dementia, Speech and Language, Sensory function
  • Popovic, Lea
    Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Poulin-Dubois, Diane
    Professor, Psychology

    Cognitive Development (categorization, selective trust, theory of mind, categorization); Language Development (bilingualism)
  • Powlowski, Justin
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Enzymology; Genomics and proteomics; Microbial metabolism of aromatic comounds; Fungal degradation of biomass; Industrial enzymology
  • Prelipcean, Laura
    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

  • Rail, Geneviève
    Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Womens Studies

    Feminist Cultural Studies of Health
  • Roy, Andre
    Chargé de cours, Études françaises

  • Rudin, Ronald
    Professor, History
    Co-Director, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

  • Rutland, Ted
    Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    History of cities and urban planning, history and politics of policing, race and racism, and housing and tenants' rights.
  • Ryder, Andrew G.
    Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Psychology
    Co-Director, Centre for Clinical Research in Health (CCRH)

    Cultural-Clinical Psychology (acculturation, anxiety, assessment, China, culture, depression, emotion, Korea, language, meaning, personality, psychotherapy, religion, somatization, Russia)
  • Sacher, Michael
    Associate Professor, Biology
    Director of Diploma in Biotechnology and Genomics

    Membrane traffic and vesicle recognition in the early secretory pathway, TRAPP-opathies (diseases of TRAPP mutations)
  • Sachs, Jonathan
    Professor, English

    British Romantic period / relationship between literary & political discourse / reception of classical antiquity
  • Santosa, Sylvia
    Associate Professor, Exercise Science
    Canada Research Chair Tier II, Clinical Nutrition

    Obesity, Nutrition, Metabolism, Adipose Tissue, Body Composition, Energetics, Humans
  • Sawchuk, Kim
    Professor, Communication Studies

    ageing studies; activist ageing; critical disability studies; mobile media; research creation; community based research; cultural discourses of age; social media as a representational force for generating knowledge about ageing subjects; ageing and technology
  • Segalowitz, Norman
    Professor, Psychology

    Applied Linguistics, Assessment, Bilingualism, Cognitive Learning Strategies, Cognitive Psychology, Language Acquisition, Learning Strategies, Memory & Attention in Skill Acquisition
  • Serbin, Lisa
    Professor, Psychology

  • Shizgal, Peter
    Professor Emeritus, Psychology

    Behavioural & computational neuroscience, reward, motivation, learning, decision making
  • Sicotte, Geneviève
    Professeure agrégée, Études françaises

    Littérature, Québec, France, gastronomie, sociocritique, ethnocritique
  • Sierpinska, Anna
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Simon, Sherry
    Professeure titulaire, Études françaises

  • Skinner, Cameron
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Analytical chemistry with particular focus on electrophoretic separations, bioanalysis, biomarker discovery and forensics
  • Smith, Travis
    Associate Professor, Political Science

    Early Modern Philosophy, Religion & Science.
  • Soar, Matt
    Professor, BA Programs Director, Internships Director, Communication Studies

    Media and Cultural Studies, Intermedia Arts, Residual and Emergent Media, Media Archaeology, Studies of Cultural Production, Experimental Film, Web Docs, Graphic Design
  • Stack, Dale
    Professor, Psychology

  • Stancu, Alina
    Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Stoett, Peter
    Professor, Political Science
    Director, Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

    International Ecopolitics & Human Rights Issues.
  • Storms, Reginald
    Professor, Biology

    Gene regulation, functional genomics, and industrial biotechnology
  • Sun, Wei
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Swiffen, Amy
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Sociolegal Studies, Social and Political Theory, Constitutional Law, Aboriginal Law, Criminology
  • Teplova, Natalia
    Professeure agrégée, Études françaises

    Traductologie; traduction littéraire
  • Titorenko, Vladimir
    Professor and Research Chair in Genomics, Cell Biology and Aging, Biology

    Molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging and age-related disorders
  • Tsang, Adrian
    Professor and Director, Center for Functional and Structural Genomics, Biology

    Fungal genomics, large-scale gene discovery program, functional genomics approaches to identify fungal enzymes for industrial and environmental applications; slime mold life cycle and development
  • Turcescu, Lucian
    Graduate Program Director and Professor, Theological Studies

    Early Christianity / Patristics, Religion and Politics, Church-State Relations and Democratization, Ecumenism
  • van Wyck, Peter C.
    Professor, Communication Studies
    Graduate Program Director, Media Studies MA Program, Communication Studies

    environmental and ecological humanities; nuclear and atomic history and aesthetics; cultural theory; writing as method; north and nordicity; monuments, archives and memory; risk and futurity
  • Vasilopoulos, Panagiotis
    Professor, Physics

  • Venkatesh, Vivek
    Associate Dean, Recruitment & Awards, School of Graduate Studies
    Associate Professor, Education
    Creator, Grimposium
    Director, SOMEONE initiative
    Associate Director, Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance

  • Ventura, Theresa
    Assistant Professor, History

  • Vo-Van, Truong
    Professor Emeritus, Physics

  • Vuckovic, Dajana
    Assistant Professor and Concordia University Research Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Director, Centre for Biological Applications of Mass Spectrometry

    analytical chemistry, metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, mass spectrometry, sample preparation, separation science, bioanalysis, biomarker discovery and validation
  • Walsh, David
    Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Microbial Ecology and Genomics, Biology

    Microbial ecology of aquatic ecosystems; climate change and the oceans; environmental genomics and proteomics of natural microbial communities; microbial evolution
  • Warren, Jean-Philippe
    Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Quebec, Social Movements, Political Sociology
  • Watson, Mark K.
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Indigenous Studies, Ethnography, Participatory Research
  • Weladji, Robert
    Associate Professor, Biology

    Behavioural ecology of large herbivores, life history strategies and evolutionary ecology, population ecology, population dynamics, terrestrial ecosystems ecology, wildlife conservation and management, wildlife ecology, welfare of captive wildlife.
  • Wershler, Darren
    Associate Professor, English
    Concordia University Research Chair, Media & Contemporary Literature, Tier 2, English

    media history / video game studies / communication studies / contemporary literature / avant-garde poetics
  • White, Louellyn
    Assistant Professor, First Peoples Studies, School of Community and Public Affairs
    Professeure adjointe, School of Community and Public Affairs

  • Whiteway, Malcolm
    Professor and Canada Research Chair in Microbial Genomics, Biology

    Genetics and genomics of the fungal pathogen Candida albicans
  • Wilds, Christopher J.
    Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Synthesis of chemically modified nucleic acids, DNA / RNA nanoscience, DNA repair.
  • Woodside, Barbara
    Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Psychology
    Director, Center for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology (CSBN)

  • Wrosch, Carsten
    Professor, Psychology

  • Yuen, Felice
    Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences

  • Zazubovits, Valter
    Associate Professor, Physics
    On sabbatical July 2017- June 2018, Physics

  • Zerges, William
    Professor, Biology

    Molecular mechanisms underlying the biogenesis of the thylakoid membrane compartment in the eukaryotic alga Chlamydomonas reinhardti
  • Zhou, Xiaowen
    Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

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