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Dr. Anna Sierpinska, PhD

Full Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Anna Sierpinska, PhD


1970: MSc in Mathematics with specialization in commutative algebra, from Warsaw University in Poland
1984: PhD in Mathematics with specialization in the didactics of mathematics, from the Higher School of Pedagogy, Cracow, Poland (presently named Pedagogical University in Cracow)
2006: Honorary Doctorate from the Lulea Tekniska Universitet

Research interests

Mathematics Education

Davydov’s approach to teaching mathematics at the elementary school level.

Measurement approach to teaching the notion of number, especially fractions.

Elementary mathematics teacher pre-service education.

The phenomenon of frustration in prerequisite mathematics courses at the university.

The development of a balance between theoretical and practical thinking in linear algebra students.

Didactic engineering in the domain of the teaching of linear algebra at the undergraduate level, using technology.

Students’ understanding of linear algebra.

The notion of understanding in mathematics.

Epistemological analyses of mathematical concepts with the help of the notions of epistemological obstacle and understanding - historical and ontogenetic perspectives.

Methodological problems of research into the development of mathematical concepts.

Methodological problems in research into the construction of meaning in the mathematics classroom.



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