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Concordia researchers are making strong contributions in terms of inquiries and discoveries in several key areas, positively impacting and informing society as a whole. 

With $53.1 million dollars in sponsored research revenues, our reputation as an innovative and dynamic knowledge creation institution is exemplified by our 118 research chairs, of which 32 are federally-funded, and 21 university-recognized research centres.

Smart, sustainable and resilient communities and cities

Concordia is reimagining and reinventing the ways in which we dwell in and develop metropolitan areas. 

Our researchers are working to initiate systemic societal transformation through the development and implementation of clean energy sources with the goal of advancing skills and practices for building, sustaining and nurturing smart, sustainable and resilient communities and cities. This exciting research is clustered around:

  • Net-zero and energy‐efficient buildings,
  • Information systems and smart technologies,
  • Urban planning and integrated design,
  • Citizen-led engagement.


Synthetic biology 

Concordia researchers are leading the way in the emerging area of synthetic biology, a field that is fast shaping how we deal with everything from climate change to global food security and the production of lifesaving medications and therapies.

Important areas of study in this field include:

  • Products from biomass,
  • Pharmaceutical development,
  • Cancer research,
  • Policy implications and knowledge transfer.

The university is also home to the only genome foundry in the country, which is propelling scientists to harness and control the power of this disruptive technology.


Artificial intelligence

In addition to participating as one of seven university members in SCALE.AI, an industry-led supercluster created to bolster Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence, Concordia has deep expertise in social and cultural approaches to AI. 

Complementing established strengths in big data analysis, information systems security, supply-chain management and blockchains, our research capacity is well-positioned in several other key areas, including:

  • Governance of science and technology,
  • Digital literacy and inequity,
  • Human-computer interaction and interface design,
  • Virtual environments, bioinformatics and machine learning.


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