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Quartier Concordia

On the surface, Quartier Concordia is a four-square-kilometre neighbourhood in the heart of downtown Montreal and home to the downtown campus of Concordia University. Look a little deeper and it's another story.

Quartier Concordia is a place where a dynamic urban energy is in unique balance with a lively, diverse community. It's a place where groundbreaking research stems from a free and fluent exchange of ideas.

It's really the place to be. It's a neighbourhood full of diversity and life where the colours of our shared environment shine brightly. Cafés and restaurants, green spaces, extraordinary architecture, an active 24/7 vitality… it's all here.

A $400-million project that's progressing on-time and on-budget, Concordia has become a key contributor to revitalizing this section of downtown Montreal. We're working closely with city administration, local businesses, organizations and schools to breathe new life into our community. One of Concordia's key priorities is a pledge of progressive environmental stewardship because there's an inextricable link between the histories of this exciting city and Concordia.

The Quartier Concordia Project is aimed at strengthening this link and creating a quality of life that is unparalleled. It's not only about a commitment to improve our environment but also about making our community better.

Have a look at Quartier Concordia on a map. We invite you to visit anytime and see all our community has to offer. But short of being here, get to know Quartier Concordia.

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