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Concordia has a long and storied history throughout downtown Montreal — we have been part of providing education here as far back as 1873. Since then, Concordia and Montreal have grown together side-by-side, each enhancing the other and creating the special union that exists today.

To honour the past, Quartier Concordia will respect the value of heritage buildings and landmarks through sensitive repurposing and conservation. One of the cornerstones of Quartier Concordia, the Grey Nuns Building perfectly encompasses the rich history of the area.

Concordia is proud to display many exhibitions of public art throughout our neighbourhood. Have a look at Geneviève Cadieux's Lierre sur Pierre on the north face of the new John Molson Building on the corner of Guy Street and De Maisonneuve Boulevard. There are also more than 20 art galleries and museums within the Quartier.

And to be part of the future, we've ensured that many of our state-of-the-art structures enhance our community on numerous levels. The same MB Building is equipped with a 300-square-metre solar panel system – developed by Concordia engineers – that generates most of the building's energy. When the building’s energy demands are low, the system exports power to Quebec's electricity network, thereby transforming the building to net energy producer from a passive consumer.

These are just a few of the buildings that are part of Concordia's downtown campus.

As much as there is to see, one of the pleasures of Quartier Concordia is to discover its charms on your own and why it's one of the best places in the city to hang around.

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