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Move around

The parallel between the hallways of Concordia's buildings and the streets around them is subtle, yet unmistakable — both act not only as corridors, but as conduits for a spirited flow of life. No matter how you progress, it's always about motion.

If you're biking, Sustainable Concordia is a wonderful resource to find valuable riding tips and maps to the extensive network of bike paths through the Quartier and throughout Montreal.

If you're looking for a bird's eye view of the Quartier, our 'C' wayfinders — located at six spots throughout the neighbourhood — can guide you as you stroll through the community. While you're here, have a look at a map and get to know the area.

As the project develops, changes will be made to allow for calmer and safer traffic flow, both for vehicles and bicycles, and a quieter mood for pedestrians.

Through our newly expanded network of underground tunnels, our EV, GM, Hall and LB Buildings connect with the Guy-Concordia metro station, the fourth busiest in the network. Aside from access to the metro system, the station also serves as a major exchange for buses. From here, get on and get anywhere.

Wherever you are or however you're getting there, moving around is half the charm of being here. While you're on your way, feel free to look around.

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