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Concordia University puts community engagement at the heart of our mission, vision, and purpose.

Community Engagement means:

Building mutually beneficial relationships
Responding to community priorities
Valuing and learning from community held knowledge
Centering marginalized voices

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Featured Concordia Initiatives

Explore our initiatives and the myriad ways Concordians strive to make a difference for Montrealers.

B/OLD Conference

Aging in our city

Citizens, researchers, artists, policy makers and activists are invited to consider what it means to grow older together in the city.

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Bâtiment 7 Anchored Presence

A partnership between the University and this  Pointe-Saint-Charles citizen-led initiative. 

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StartUp Nations

Dream UP. Stand UP. Start UP. A new generation of Indigenous social and collective entrepreneurs.

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Embrace the City

An interactive map of projects happening in Montreal neighbourhoods.

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Engagement Champions

Read about Concordia's staff and faculty and their community engaged projects.

Janis Timm-Bottos

Provost Fellow for Community Engagement, Fine Arts

Janis's story

Heather Igloliorte

Professor, Department of Art History

Heather's story

Vivek Venkatesh

Director, Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance
Associate Professor, Inclusive Practices in Visual Arts, Art Education

Vivek's story

A snapshot of community engagement at Concordia

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