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What is a Cotutelle?

A cotutelle refers to an agreement between two universities in different countries. It allows the students to get a joint PhD degree delivered and recognized by both institutions.

Full-time doctoral students can take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to earn a joint PhD degree while developing strong connections with international partners. Through the cotutelle program, PhD candidates work in collaboration with distinguished faculty members from Concordia and an international partner university to produce an original thesis.

The program requires that students satisfy each institution's minimum requirements and submit one dissertation to both universities. The dissertation is examined by a committee whose members are drawn from both institutions. Successful candidates receive a PhD degree from Concordia and the partner institution. Each diploma will mention the collaboration with the partner as part of the cotutelle agreement.

Candidate FAQs

You are eligible to register at any international accredited university that is open to a cotutelle agreement. Concordia supervisors must approve the partner university and agree to work in collaboration with the chosen co-supervisor.

Cotutelle proposals must be initiated jointly by both the student and their supervisor. Discover if this is a viable option for you and if the supervisors have existing international research collaborations.

  1. Discuss the cotutelle plan with your current Concordia supervisor

  2. Contact Irene Grigoropoulos, graduate admission advisor at the School of Graduate Studies, to discuss a potential cotutelle before communicating with the partner university

  3. Reach out to your potential co-supervisor at the partner university

  4. Follow the requirements needed to enrol at the partner university

  5. Complete a Cotutelle Agreement form with your supervisors, submit to Irene Grigoropoulos 
    All other required signatures will be collected by the School of Graduate Studies

  6. Once all the signatures are collected, you will be admitted to the joint degree/cotutelle

Yes, you must follow the partner university’s application/admission procedures.

You will pay tuition for the terms you are registered at Concordia University (a minimum of 3 non-consecutive terms are required). You need to contact the partner university for questions about their tuition fees.

No. However, the cotutelle arrangement should be established as early as possible and within the first year of admission.

As a CGS D holder, you will have to interrupt your award during your studies abroad and can only receive funds during the terms registered at Concordia. There is a provision for 12 months of unpaid interruption for administrative reasons in the Tri-agency research training award holder’s guide that could be used.

As a holder of a regular tri-agency doctoral programs (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, NSERC PGS D, and CIHR Doctoral Award), these awards can be held abroad, therefore, you can receive the funds when registered abroad at your partner institution.

You may study abroad only if you have a valid RAMQ card or proof of RAMQ eligibility AND be a Canadian citizen.

If you do not meet the above conditions, you must carry out your studies in Quebec and submit a project to the Fund that does not involve a site outside Quebec. A continuous physical presence in Quebec is then required for the entire duration of your funding.

As per the Awards Holder’s guide, award holders must maintain full-time registration status in the graduate degree program specified in the award notification, in each term during which the award is held. Should you be registered at the partner institution and you have a “Cotutelle outside of Quebec (CTOQ)” registration notation at Concordia, your award payments will be deferred until you have returned to Concordia and there is a full-time registration at Concordia. However, should your partner institution be a French institution and you have a “Cotutelle outside of Quebec (CTOQ)” registration notation at Concordia, then your awards will continue to disburse during the terms that you are abroad.

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Cotutelle with French partner university

If you are pursuing a cotutelle with France, complete this form:


Cotutelle with international partner university

If you are pursuing a cotutelle outside of France, complete this form:


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