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Concordia offers nearly 130 graduate programs. Whether you choose a research-based degree that accelerates knowledge or a professional program to build your job-ready skills, you’ll be set on a path to make a difference.

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Forge your own path

Create the right program for you. Engage in unique, meaningful, and self-directed research that would not otherwise be available through existing graduate programs. With our Individualized Program, you can explore research initiatives that fall outside the normal disciplinary boundaries of research and creation, at both the master’s and doctoral levels.

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Sustainability Microprogram

Elevate your career in just 7 weeks with our Sustainability Microprogram. Taught by leading experts in the field, this interdisciplinary program offers hands-on experience so that you can drive sustainable change in various sectors. Enjoy a flexible schedule with 1 week of intensive, in-person lectures and 6 weeks of part-time, remote case study work.


Wondering what approach
is right for you?


Advance your professional skillset and focus on the direct application of knowledge in our course-based programs. Complete your degree through courses involving projects, group work and research papers.


Develop your knowledge in a specialized area of research in our thesis-based programs. Work closely with a supervisor in your field of interest and pursue independent and original research.

PhD Career Outcomes

Ever wonder what type of career Concordia PhDs pursue after graduating?

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