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Sustainability Microprogram

Program highlights

  • Designed for early career professionals and recent grads
  • Merge theory and pratice in our interdisciplinary program
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule with 1 week of intensive, in-person lectures and 6 weeks of part-time, remote case study work
  • Network with sustainability experts and professionals from various fields
  • Learn to tackle some of today’s toughest challenges, such as climate change, sustainable cities and green governance 

The program runs from May 13 to June 28.

Program overview

Boost your career in seven weeks with our Sustainability Microprogram. Co-taught by experts, this interdisciplinary course combines theory and practice, preparing you to address challenges like climate change and responsible governance.

Start with a week of in-person lectures, then complete remote case study work part-time. Build hands-on skills while expanding your network with students, professionals, and faculty.

As sustainability grows in importance, this program empowers you to integrate sustainable practices in your sector.


SUST 601 Perspectives on Sustainability (8 credits)

This course aims to train students in sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course is divided into a lecture component and a practical component. The lecture component is taught by faculty members who explore issues in sustainability from their own disciplinary perspective. During the practical component, students work part-time on case studies to develop a deeper understanding of a sustainability issue relevant to their research or work. The course will be taught on a pass/ fail basis.

Week 1 Theory (in person)
  • Lectures
Weeks 2 to 7

Practice (online)

  • Online sessions once per week
  • Group meetings
  • Case study work
Final day

Final event (in person)

  • Case study presentations
  • Networking event

Tuition fees

The program's tuition and fees vary based on your residency status. 

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